NEW UPDATE: donations from this and in store at Mr. B’s plus fund raising from DecoBMX/Mr. B’s/ Billy Richardson and all of you has reached $2706.02 and thank you all. With materials, transportation, and some unforeseen costs total needed to be raised is $3900 so that puts us $1193.98 short. Materials have been ordered, construction starts within a week…and I will fly up there to rent a Uhaul to trek it back to Longwood where the final paint will be applied. Install is looking for the 2rd week of MAY…sorry for the delay but this is a process. Please share this…post it up…and help reach this goal. Thanks. -Chad D¬†Also check out the pic below to see one of the 4 obstacles…looks like fun and looks like candy corn. Get excited.

IMG_2917 IMG_7148