Guess her Muff without clicking so much, grape juice son, virgin update

Did a post called Guess Her Muff, you see a chick then guess her business. Click the photo and it shows her naked...good shit. Well I was given another site HERE that cuts out the guess or clicking, don't need to click so much, right? Just remember that these sites get updated all the time. New Muff or whatever you want to call it. The person behind this bag of MUCK is trying to be black and drinkin dat grape drink, get that rap career started son cumdave Went into my local coffee shop this past saturday and blew snot out of my nose when I saw this...A dude sewing a blanket. Notice the BALD dome blanket James was about to loose his virginity this weekend, had 3 broads lined up. Guess he couldn't seal the deal, so he banged a plastic bag. Might be his cell phone scared them, or his pink bismuth? Better luck next time. This is what you could be doing James. cumjamesjamesphonejamestummy If you have been to Miami and ridden this roof, its fucking sweet. If you want to go, don't bother. Its a serious bust. Unless you like being in jail. Holy shit that place is good. Here is Tuesdays with Miles roof session... Go to BNQT for more videos.

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