Have you eva online dated? BIG K SHADY PORC does

This is a little long, but it starts full throttle...start laughing NOW!!!

Seizure man

by menstrual_sweatpants_disco on Feb.19, 2009, under GhettoPhresh

Identity used for this conversation: “GhettoPhresh” Victim’s name: BIGK SHADY PORC Photo: Message he sent me: how are u doin,how was your day.are u involved with anybody are do u have a maqn and if u dont are u lookin for one.i just stop by to show u some luv.hit me bacc ok please,please,please,please,please,please,please,please. My response: niiga, you’s fine. how u do? holla Lakendra. Him: SO BEAUTIFUL CAN I GET 2 KNOW U AND AFTER I GET 2 KNOW U CAN I BE THE 1 4 U AFTER THAT IF ITS OK WITH U BEAUTIFUL Me: aight nicca, i give you’s a shot. so wut u into? wats fresh? Him: NOTHING TRYING 2 GET 2 KNOW U IF ITS OK WITH U SO BEAUTIFUL what’s ur name where do u stay hyow old r u what type of man do u like do u have any kids what r ur like and dislike do u have any tats r piercings do u have a job r a car r u a freak do u wear thongs r g-strings do u play with yourself dont get mad ok do u have phone sex dont get mad ok. u can ask me question 2 ok hit me bacc please,please,please,please,please. Me: SO BEAUTIFUL what’s ur name Lakendra where do u stay i’s ova in compton hyow old r u im how eva old u want me 2 bE lol! what type of man do u like depends! do u have any kids nope what r ur like and dislike i like grape soda and i hate tawkin in real English do u have any tats r piercings I have a Cephalotripsy tattoo right above mah bootie r u a freak hammock rodeo sauce do u wear thongs r g-strings both do u play with yourself dont get mad ok only when I’m droppin a deuce on tha john do u have phone sex dont get mad ok. yes so tell me about urself, nicca? <3 Him: i am 23 but i am turnin 24 on april,9 i am a aries i stay in gardena ca i like a woman that not a cheaters and not a golddigger. like 2 have fun like 2 play video games like 2 hang out and go places somtimes are like 2 watch movies and talk about there problemes. no kids my dislike is golddiggers and chears ,liers i have 6 tats and both side of my ear piercings i dont have no car but i have a job but shit goin slow so i am lookin 4 new job i drink but i dont smoke weed nomore its been 3 years since i stop is there anything else u want 2 know. I never responded. Several months pass before I start it up again. Me: Sup playa? Long time no tawk. Him: i just been thinking about and trying to see wats good with me and u i thik we will make a good couple what u think. holla bac. Me: oooooo, u a sweet thang. Im up for givin it a shot. We shuld go out sumtime. wear u gonna take me? :) Him: WELL I CANT REALLY DRIVE R DO NOTHING YET CUZ I HAD A SUIZURE AT WORK SO DO U WANT TO BE MY G/F YES,NO R MAYBE Me: mmmmmm I love suizures Him: why u love suizures so wats good with me ad u Me: Theys has good food. my bitchass loves me sum spagetty. mmmmmMMMMMM yowyy kaZOWWY! Him: i mean to tell u i had a seizures on june 17th Me: ohhh, Im sorree to here dat. Did u not pay ur car payyments or sumthing? Him: here my cell its (310)704-xxxx call me r text me anytime k Me: I dont understand why u wont b mah boyfriend. Him: uz i can be that right man for that going to treat u right and be there for u Me: oh god, i dont understand why we cant be 2gether. why dont u lyke me? Him: i do like u cuz u r beautiful u seem like a can be a cool person 2 talk 2 ans its seem like we got somthing in common and i do want to be with the question is that do u want to be with me Me: i dooooooo want 2 b wit chu. soooo much! i jus dont no if i cans wait till u get outta prison. i am a woman and haves neeeeds Him: what the hell u told u i am in prison i am not in prison what is u talking about Me: i thot u said u was in prison? ur the one who told me. its ok if u r. i dont judge. we all make mistakes. Him: naw i said i cant drive ,smoke r drink cuz i had a seizures at work do u know what a seizures is ha Me: it’s wen they takes stuff away frum u rite? Him: naw is when u fall out and be dizzy and dont know where u at baby for the last time i am not in prison k you r to beautiful 2 be single u need a man that going to treat u right and be there for u and a man that is faithful to u like me and keep it real and a nice guy like me.and call and check up on u and lisen to ur problems and see how r u doing and is not all about sex and be with u for ur personlity. Me: so ifs u fall ova in prison all dizzy like, dont they steals ur stuff? Him: i am not in prison for the last time where r u getting this 4rm Me: I just don’t understand why you refuse to by my boyfriend. Him: so why u want me 2 be your boyfriend ha.holla bacc please,please,please,please Me: I want you inside of me while you’re having a seizure. I’m so fucking wet right now thinking about it. Him: so do u want to be my girlfriend yes r no and r u going to faithful 2 me what do u have on right now can i get ur cell phone number can we have phone sex Me: mmmm. Right now all i havs on is a tight black thong & bra. and fishnet stalkings. I want u 2 tell me how u touch urself before i call u. :) Him: my big dcc is on super hard i will put my hand inside my boxer on grab my big dicc and go up and down on my big dicc and start playing with it Him: i want to be your boyfriend right now if its k with u do u have myspace im Him: do u want to be my girlfriend when r u going to be my girlfriend why u dont want to be my girlfriend ha This guy is out of his fucking mind. Me: mmmmm thats so hawt. Your bad grammar makes me soooo wet. Im touchin mah pussy right now. it feels so good. tell me more about ur big dicc… Him: WISHU CAN COME AND PLAY WITH THIS BIG DICC AND R START JACCING IT OFF R COME AND SIT AND RIDE THIS BIG DICC CAN I PLAY WITH YOUR FAT PUSSY Me: ummmmm yes. I loev it whens u tawk dirty. i want 2 ride ur big dicc. wut will u do 2 me while im ridin u? Him: i want to have that rough sex and fucc u doggy style and choke u spank u and pull ur hair.kiss u and succ on ur tits and nipples and play with them Me: ohhhhhhhmygod yes! i loves it wen u talks dirty. i want u 2 play wit my dicc as yous has a seizure on me Him: you mean u want me 2 play with ur pussy that what u mean ha so do u want to be my girlfriend yes r no.holla bacc please,please,please,please Me: uhhh, yes. My pussy. That’s what I mean. How foolish of me… And yeaah, id luv 2 b ur girlfirnd :) Him: so we r girlfriend and boyfriend now and can i get your cell phone number if its k with u Me: I guess. Him: are u going to put me on ur top here my cell phone number its 310-704-xxxx call me r text me anytime k Me: I want us to have sex NOW. Him: ok so what do u have on right now cuz im naked and my big dick is super hard i want to lick u up and down until u say stop i want to succ ur nipples and i want to play with ur fat pussy and have ruff sex and fucc u doggy style Me: OH GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDD YES, SLAP MY FAT PUSSY! Him: ok i will slap that faqt pussy do u miss me and do u be thinking about me Me: I WAS thinking of you. I want to drink your AIDS so sexilly. Him: what was u thinking about and send me a pics of u in a thong Me: I want u 2 send me a pic first. i want 2 see u hard . Him: i dont have no cam so please send me a pics r come and jack me off Me: YOU’RE A COP! Him: hll naw i am not a com Me: Can you prove it? sorry. I have to be sure if we’re going to meet up and have sex. Him: i dont have a cam on me and pluse look at my pics do i look like a damn cop. Me: sorry baby. u could be undacova. knocko maybe. im sorry 2 ask about dat stuff but I got in trouble once befo like dat. my fiance that i dated for 4 years turned out 2 be a knocko undacover. 1 night we were doin coke off of a toaster and he arrested me and the fbi stormed in and raped me. Him: hell naw im not the under cover .i dont either deal with them. so you be doing coke. Me: I havnt dun ne drugs in a long tyme. dat part of mah life i left behind. bein raped by cops still happens alot tho. Him: damn for real Me: Yeah. So when are we gonna fuck? We’ve been boyfriend & girlfriend for awhile now and my pussy’s goin dry. I need your big dicc in my fat pussy. Him: when ever i get better cuz im sicc right now Me: wut chu got? I want it too Him: i have a cold.talk dirty 2 me Me: I want to roll you in mud and rub motoroil into your taint. Him: OH OK WHAT ELSE Me: I’m gonna make u fix mah car and den not wash your hands and den make urself a sammwich. Maybe go joggin and not wear deodorant mmmmmmm Him: WHAT ELSE Me: Imma get a real sexy anteater and make it ticle your ass with its tongue. Then Imma smear goldfish crackers and chocolate milk all ova ur chest while I empty a hoover’s vaccum bag into your beard while I play with myself on my period. FINALLY… he stopped responding. Me: I hope you had another seizure, you fucking fruitcake.

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