Skydiving piss flaps, fancy beer filter, underwater love, and Mesh again...Plus Xgames...

Pretty happy with this post, been doing some half-ass ones and this one is pretty well rounded. Sorry for any slacking. It really does help having some gifted helpers searching the internet far and wide. Thanks everyone. We're gonna have to lay 3 videos on you. Be warned that these are bordering on amazing. Taco Flutter should be appreciated by both sexes. Beer filter is simply magic at its best, how does that work? Guess that is why its called magic. Then the navy seal training. If you have ever had sex with water surrounding you, this one might get you  to take another go at it. TacoFlutter fancy_Beer_Filter advanced_navy_seal_training Mesh Spence Again Then there is the Xgaymes. I wrote down some shit that happened in the two days out there. This is what I had to say:
On my flight to LA to judge Xgames with Dave Brumlow. Tried to sit in 1st class but got denied. Hope Dave sends a drink back my way. Got a ton of lil vodka ouncers as backup. Watching xgames live on espn on the plane. Gettin my head in the game. Pretty wild watching live satellite TV on a plane. Shit is nuts now. Hard to believe I rode flat at these. Never liked it, but to tell my parents and family put a smile on their faces. That's worth it. I was usually to drunk or touristy to really focus on the event. Even if you won Flat back in the day, didn't mean shit. Never got you any chicks or a bonus. Maybe just braggin rights 10 years later when your having that old school conversation. Being a judge for this is sweet, no stress and get to see everyone ride some BMX. The street course is nuts. The whole scene is nuts. As soon as we land were off to see Rick Thornes band Good Guys in Black, with Mike Valleleys band. Pretty wild scene in Venice. Pretty jet lagged n drunk to understand what Rick was saying.  He seems way more drunk than I am to singing about having good friends and fucking off to posers or some shit. Not my style of music, but good to see a wild show. Not sure why half of the event is at the Staples Center and the other half is 20 miles away. Missed street and park. Shit. But mega ramp is truely insane. The roll in is out of hand. 28 foot quarter pipe, hail Mary shit. Big props to Anthony Napolitan for the double front. Wow. The crowd boo'd the shit out of us for judging him so low, twice. Guess he froze up twice on the quarter and dead sailored cause his knee is fucked. That was the best trick for sure. Glad to see if live. It sucks now the moto xers are gonna get some new ideas. They have been using bmx moves to get where they are today. But they keep doing gross shit thinking it's cool. Pretty sweet they had a best whip jam. Could watch that shit all day long. Have to give them that. Shit is all over so we went to Hollywood and met up with Hoffman, BK, and Van. I still think Van is gay. He is all touchy n looks at u a certain way. Sorry Van. Hoffman is really frail and I hate shakin his hand, dont want to hurt a legend. So he gets the dead fish hand. Then the clock strikes 12 and it's Leighs birthday gets under way. Got him the cheapest whisky ever, instant puke. He ran outside and puked on a Star. Not sure whos star, but funny regardless. Happy birthday. Then to top off the trip, I get my pic with Michael Jacksons star on Hollywood blvd, doing the moonwalk of course.  Soo good. Quick trip, worth it, amazing what BMX stories happen around me.
Good guys in Black Good Guys in Black Crazy cali poopin dogs got police now poop This roll in is fucking nuts mega rollin 28 foot quarter, just another day mega quarter X Chad X ChadX Black Tigger, you could call it a bligger, or something else. Make up your own. This guy wanted to put his head on for the pic, hell no. And he is in a liquor store. Love Hollywood. blacktigger These drawings are all over and remind me of Florida. baby I know I mention Van being gay, but I guess you could add me into that club, Leigh looks pretty gay to. Weird night. Kinda Gay Losey and Leigh tried to kick the moon all night long. Losey n some undercover kick the moon guy Lucas Porzio getting stabbed again. Lucas Porzio STabbbbb me Ohhh Wann, where are you? Wann? We use to do this cause were were extreme, now were just X. X Games Chad Motherfucking roll in that shit pussy. 75 footers? fuck that live snake in her hair. hollywood snake in her hair, hollyweird MJ, where are you. MJ memorial Moon walk will never die. Moonwalk Chad Jackson, this is my all time favorite shot. The trip was worth this alone. RIP Thriller. Anyone who has an extra Thriller album, send it my way. The last party I had it got stomped. That is some good ass party music. I was swinging my ass all night long. Need the album so we can scratch that shit. Got a dialed turn table. Holla anyone? will invite you over and pay your plane ticket, need that shit. MJ This video is kinda shit. But you get the point. Mike V's band was sweet, some moto x was cool, and the super ramp was insane. Hard to judge and film, so i missed the great clips. Suck it. Do the moon walk and anyone out there, send me the Thriller album HEEEAAWWWW

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