So its Monday and I work the shop and take care of business today on my own. This lady walks in and asks if we buy used bikes. We get this most everyday. Hell no we don't, we sell new shit, I tell her. After she left it hit me. That bitch had so much spreadher on it was insane. You all have smelled it. People who put on to much musk or perfume. This shit is coming back I guess? Jersey Shore is making it popular again? All those fools use spreadher for sure. That show is amazing on so many different levels. Anyways, so my shop is now polluted with old lady stink, my nose starts going nuts, I can't breath. We might have to wash all the clothes and open all the doors to take away that stink. Imagine coming into my bike shop and the whole place smells like old scented saggy tits, your not going to be excited are you? I would rather choose what smells I have the pleasure of enjoying rather than being forced old lady stank. Lesson learned, if your pussy smells like shit, your balls smell like fish (man's crotch), or your body just emits an order, don't just cover it up with sass that is suppose to make girls spread...aka spreadher. Take a bath, wash your shit, take a shower, wash your shit. When I watch Jersey Shore I can almost smell them, they all have that musk and talc and other scents going on. Good for the show, bad for life. If you can think it, they have it...CLICK HERE to see a scent you won't want to live without. Or THIS. Would you?

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