What's the last thing you ate?

My friend Shoe-g  in Japan sent this link, but it lead into some funny japanese humor and the best clip is two girls playing around on the beach and topless on a motorcycle. Trust me those funny ass Japanese are always up to something,  I am gonna find out. Thanks Shoe-g. Lastly is a pic of Catfish and BK sandwiching Playboys Kendra, why the dick isn't she topless? This pelican swallows a pigeon This girl tries to peel a banana and eat it, she finally gives up and throats it. Povah, this one if for you. Two hot girls playing at the beach, it takes a few minutes then they get topless on a motorcycle and start licking each other. This next video is one of my favorite, Japanese people are so fucking funny. This guy uses his boner to work out. Catfish, Kendra should be topless, and BK all making a Kendra sandwich? Would you go anywhere Heff has been? Leave a comment below. Thanks cimg1434600x450

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