Go check out #bmxday #mrbikesnboards and all the new pics and videos on our Instagram @mrbikesnboards from the Longwood Street ride and BMXDAY. Here Ryan Torrance flips the whale tail in front of the street ride crew. Pic by Matt Coplon. Huge thanks to Josh Meadows and our sponsors: DecoBMX, Madera, Profile Racing, Subrosa, Shadow Conspiracy, and Red Bull for the wings.


Ryan Torrance Mr. Flip

NEW UPDATE: donations from this and in store at Mr. B’s plus fund raising from DecoBMX/Mr. B’s/ Billy Richardson and all of you has reached $2706.02 and thank you all. With materials, transportation, and some unforeseen costs total needed to be raised is $3900 so that puts us $1193.98 short. Materials have been ordered, construction starts within a week…and I will fly up there to rent a Uhaul to trek it back to Longwood where the final paint will be applied. Install is looking for the 2rd week of MAY…sorry for the delay but this is a process. Please share this…post it up…and help reach this goal. Thanks. -Chad D
https://www.gofundme.com/6tbsy6w4 Also check out the pic below to see one of the 4 obstacles…looks like fun and looks like candy corn. Get excited.

IMG_2917 IMG_7148