With a few thousand people in attendance, the Spring Fling was pretty amazing. Some lucky people walked away with Mr. B’s silent auction items, thanks for the support and congrats. The second pic is a new addition to the shop, an ’82 Schwinn predator. We have it hanging up so stop by and take a peek. More items are coming in soon and will be hanging up. Stop by the shop, were stocked. New items Penny completes, Sector 9, Blooze decks, S+M and Gsport hub guards, frames from Subrosa and more. Any new edits from Longwood Skatepark? Send them over.

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After this long its all happening. Tomorrow they are pouring cement at  6am. So once that is done its up to the company to assemble the ramps and were good to go. There is going to be an official opening the first weekend in December, but they know it will be ready to session way before that. So now you know. Check out the pics below. I will update the progress as it happens. -Chad D

I know the Longwood skatepark is a long ways off, but we are still trying to contact the city and push buttons and make it happen…sit tight. But if your ever in Gainsville area, check out this free park. Pretty amazing and really big. Watch out for those scooter though, they are like flies.gainesville skateparkgainsville skatepark 2