The City of Longwood said the skatepark will be finished by the end of the month. As you can see by the pic some of the ramps have arrived. We will keep you updated.

Also, last night was the first night for the Midtown Mondays for bike sessions 6-10pm. This is going to happen every Monday. Its a sweet park with a lot of rails and wedges, so you can get your street cred. Remember to have PC pegs and pedals and its $7.

Thanks to everyone who attended the Unsponsored skate jam this  past Saturday. Amazing turn out and the weather was perfect as well, unless your scared of the cold. We are going to be doing this soon at the Longwood skatepark, so sit tight. They have thrown us a date of December 17th as the Grand opening. But it should be open by the end of the month. We will have more updates as they are assembling the ramps.

After this long its all happening. Tomorrow they are pouring cement at  6am. So once that is done its up to the company to assemble the ramps and were good to go. There is going to be an official opening the first weekend in December, but they know it will be ready to session way before that. So now you know. Check out the pics below. I will update the progress as it happens. -Chad D