This web edit documents the first half of our New England Summer tour. What you will not see are the many cups of coffee/sweet tea consumed on the road. Nor the hours spent desperately searching for a hotel vacancy. And definitely not the daily criss-crossing through four states. You will, however, find some highlights of our travels through the lens of Tony Malouf. Thanks to the crew for coming together for a week. Thanks to mother nature for keeping the weather pristine. And special thanks to the shops and many locals who shared some really good sessions with us. Part two coming in a minute…enjoy.

Filmed and Edited by: Tony Malouf

Here is another gem somewhat in our neck of the woods. Actually its a bit of a drive but seems well worth it unless your a biker. Read the peg clause below. We are working with Shadow Conspiracy to get plastic pegs into skateparks like this and Lake Mary. We are offering a discount as well if you buy them as a kit. Stop by and we will fill ya in. Remember, today was the grand opening, so expect a few hundred there. I hope more of these parks open. Hit us up if you know of any opening or any we should session. And please send us pics or links so we can update our site.  Thanks…-Mr. B’s

Last night I went to Orlando skatepark to see nothing in the shop. Long story short, its a city park now. But since they don’t have everything together they can’t charge. So yes, you are reading this right, ITS FREE for now. That means bikes tonight and wednesday and skating the whole time. It could change any day, but I am pretty sure it could be a week or so before everything is straight. So hit it up but make sure you are 18 or have a parent to sign the NEW waiver. Pretty simple.
Vans has announced they will be closing the doors near the 1st of the year as well. This was a quote from a high up employee “The building was bought and the new owners don’t want the kids there”. So if you have a chance hit up one of Orlando’s finer skateparks and put it to rest. This doesn’t mean trash the place, just get your riding in now cause it will be going away.  -Chad DeGroot
Existing skateparks are:
Midtown Pay Park. Skate only, NO BIKES EVER

Orlando Skatepark Pay Park. Bikes Sun/Mon/Weds, Skate everyday

Vans Pay Park. Bikes Sun/Tues/Thurs Skate everyday

Coming Soon…Longwood SkatePark (site coming soon) FREE, Bikes and Skateboards everyday

Daytona (I am listing this one cause its amazing and a quick drive) FREE, Bike and Skate everyday

After Monday’s meeting the city has approved the Two purchase orders for construction and installation of the SkatePark in Candyland park behind the baseball fields. The area is going to be partially shaded by two huge trees and they are adding lights to the existing baseball field lights so it will be open till 10pm. The Commissioners and the Mayor were real excited about this skatepark project and have high hopes we all will keep it clean and safe. There will be a liability waiver for 17 and under to get signed by a parent or legal guardian. As soon as we get those papers were going to let you fill them out in the shop so its less hassle turning them in. We are going to provide a Notary as well.

Thanks to everyone who supported or attended the meetings, were on our way. Stay tuned for more updates as we get them from the city. Here is the directions to Candyland park 1050 N Grant St, Longwood, FL. -Chad DeGroot