We are all moved to the unit next to 950, its 952. You can’t miss it. Starting Thursday we are having a sale on scratch, dent, old, new, fixtures, parts, skate, bike, pictures…and more to list for this MOVING SALE including 50% off all shoes. STARTS ON THURSDAY AT NOON.Moving-sale

On February 22nd from 12pm-10pm there will be an all day FREE bmx session regarding the development of the city’s new session hours and prices and rules that will be more friendlier for riders at OVIEDO SKATEPARK. SPREAD THE WORD EVERYONE.

      To start it off with a Black Friday sale 10% off everything. Coppin’ it SWEET premiere at 6pm. Dan’s Roll Call Premiere 6pm on Dec. 6th. SPOT roast in Tampa on the 14th. and the FLBMX series is posted below. Stop by and see what is new, save and item for Holiday,… Continue reading