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I'm speechless tonight. Just hung out with a kid named Nick who got run over by the back wheels of a truck...live through that and have a smile...dang...live it up people. Get out there and get excited. START-Mat O raditude at its best. Karl hits you with a rainy day session, damn this is good. Real leather belts in stock all custom all USA made. Terry Adams interview is dope. Coplon writes some words you should read and the pics are incredible to. Real toughness in Japan, stay tuned to the interweb for that outcome. Have a good weekend y'all. END-Chad D
No caption needed, we all understand. MAT OLSON RADITUDE


KARL POYNTER - A RAINY DAY AT THE PARK FOR DECOBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Deco USA made real leather belts are available now $39.99 only from the Deco Store. Limited 1-10 all numbered and listed below. Keep track of sizing, color, and sold out numbers. ONLY 10 made. #1 sizes 32-34 Dark brown SOLD #2 sizes 34-36 Dark brown SOLD #3 sizes 34-36 Dark brown #4 sizes 32-34 Dark brown #5 sizes 34-36 Dark brown #6 sizes 40-42 Black SOLD #7 sizes 34-36 Black #8 sizes 32-34 Black #9 sizes 32-34 Black #10 sizes 32-34 Black Deco leather belts 1-10 sideDeco leather belts usa made NonFlatland Florida Fun with Scott Weaver "The Weave Man"

Terry Adams Interview

Somedays I'll pedal all day looking for the right spot. Sometimes its less the spot to ride but more the aesthetic surrounding it.
Since the time change, the past month's worth of Sunday's have been filled by waking up at 6am, brewing a pot of coffee, downing a quick breakfast, and setting things in motion by 7:30am.
Overcast has been consuming the mornings, making some spots almost glow in contrast to the sky. That color palette surrounding the spot makes it even more of pleasure to ride.
This boardwalk gap being a case in point. Shot about 9am, the potato vines seemed to glow against low cloud cover. We hopped this gap, back and forth for a good hour.
Coplon Boardwalk Tabe
We've always ridden past this old warehouse on our way to a staple ledge. One day in passing, there was a lone brick broken away from the facade. It served perfect for a bump jump to ruben wall. On second try my tire was sliced by broken glass, but we were able to grab this portrait before hand. There's something pleasing about that old, white brick. There's not enough old architecture in Florida.
Coplon Wallride flat
There's really nothing too special about this ledge. Its a ledge, short, and waxed to hell. What you can't see is the old baptist church across the street. Its red brick makes this generic spot light up both in the morning and especially in the late afternoon. On solo missions, its nice to take a break from the monotony of silvery cement, to take in the glow of the red brick as it enlightens the adjacent street.
Coplon Tire Slide Ledge
Behind this rail is a hallway of tree cover. Old grandfather oaks shroud the cement run up offering perfect shade in route to this rail. The best part is the golden kinker. Bright against the grass, I love its contrast amongst the elements. I think I jumped it a dozen times...one of which we snapped this photo. I'll be heading back soon, to soak up the glowing colors and jump it a dozen more.
Coplon Kinker Hop Ybor
-1 -2 BMXRoast2013
FU10 Decade
Karl Poynter threading the needle style.
Karl thread the needle BW
Chad D said "Best session I've had in years. Damn. I don't want to stop but I have to do some Deco work and ship some goods to the defined Deco dealers."
Chad D best session in years
So today turned out to be a super fun and solid day of riding. The camera came out and clips were captured. Stay tuned. Decobmx HK Army Hardcore Sportz #bmx
Karl Poynter tires up rail
Moment of ZEN, ran over by a semi truck and still alive...will be riding soon to. DAMN. Truck www.decobmx.com

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