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Did it again, two weeks packed into one post. Pretty sure your going to be tied up for awhile scrolling down and watching and reading so pack a lunch and maybe an extra snack. Here we go...hold on. Free shipping code to start this plus a sweet sticker sheet...sign me up. Karl and Chad Indy adventures full edit and check all the insta clips. Winners of the 10k giveaway. Thanks to everyone who supports and got us to 10k. Chad D Appleton Backyard sesh. Madera St. Louis trip with Josh Eilken. Thomas Noyer hometown edit with Dub. Chicago Bean. Coplon on a boost trip. MR B's takes over Candyland. DC takeover, Voodoo, Byob jams. Check out the new products featured. AND forks will be back in stock soon along with the Tsutomu Kitayama signature JACKPOT frames. You can lock one in now, hit me up chad@decobmx.com and hurry, 80% of them are pre sold. -Chad Meat Pocket signing off... Starting now ending on Sunday SPEND $20 AND GET FREE SHIPPING AND A STICKER SHEET WITH YOUR ORDER ... CODE 10k AT CHECK OUT... http://decobmx.bigcartel.com With being so close to the Chicago Dew tour I decided to arrive early, get a car, and meet up with Karl Poynter for a quick trip riding some Indiana parks. With chasing rain drops for 3 days we did get some stuff done, more than we thought. Pretty amazing parks and wild scenes Indy has. We found enough time to get this edit done but plan on another since we just scratched the surface. Karl is so smooth and finds the lines that don't make any sense but stomps them like its nothing. We were a good team for this, similar likes at parks, exchanging the camera, and shooting pics. Enjoy this edit and thanks for getting the @decobmx instagram to 10k #DecoBMX10k and follow @karlqpoynter and @chaddegroot #decobmx also stay tuned to www.DECOBMX.com for all the good stuff, product info, ordering, news, and everything to fill your Deco needs. TILL THE BITTER END. Thanks. -Chad DeGroot Thanks to everyone who entered the #DecoBMX10k giveaway. So good, so funny, so much support. Here are the three winners we chose @_angel_bikes_ @chandlergolden @nostemsallowed but thank you all for using the tag and sit tight were making moves bubs. #decobmx #bmx IMG_9389 WE MADE IT...THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT...and Happy Fathers Day to your pops or yourself if you have kids. LAST DAY IS TODAY to enter. Submit by using hashtag on a new or old photo #decoBMX10k STARTING NOW on instagram. We will pick a winner and DM you. Feel free to butter up, tease, and get at the DecoBMX team for a little kick at picking the winners. Enter once, twice, three times, or as many as you can handle and enter others by simply using the tag #DecoBMX10k ya BUBS @tomvillarreal @matuptobat @tsutomukitayama @chaddegroot @lee_musselwhite @terryadamsbmx @mattclosson @jbinobmx @thomasnoyer @johnnyfilth @tbonds69 @matt_coplon @karlqpoynter @tang_meng @mattclosson @hiroshi430 @kerrygatt @decobmx #decobmx 10k Winners win. Submit by using hashtag on a new or old photo #decoBMX10k STARTING NOW on instagram. We will pick a winner and DM you. Feel free to butter up, tease, and get at the DecoBMX team for a little kick at picking the winners. Enter once, twice, three times, or as many as you can handle and enter others by simply using the tag #DecoBMX10k ya BUBS @tomvillarreal @matuptobat @tsutomukitayama @chaddegroot @lee_musselwhite @terryadamsbmx @mattclosson @jbinobmx @thomasnoyer @johnnyfilth @tbonds69 @matt_coplon @karlqpoynter @tang_meng @mattclosson @hiroshi430 @kerrygatt @decobmx #decobmx https://instagram.com/decobmx/

Chad DeGroot Appleton Backyard sesh

"Being in Appleton Wisconsin for the revamped Telulah skatepark which I would call my local and go-to park since it was only 30 minutes away from Green Bay. They tore out the old and put in an updated park which you will see soon enough. But how could we just ride that park when good friend Dave Freimuth wanted our crew to session a private park he built in the outskirts for some friends. So.. with open arms we had a great session at one of Dave's creations for a skater who wants to ride with bikes. His mom, Brenda, welcomed all our kids to a swimming and a night on their turf. I would rather keep the rest private but we had a blast and before the sun went down @chrisrye got a few clips of me laying some tire marks on a gem of a private backyard. Also featured are Mark Hilson and Mark Fluette @chaddegroot @decobmx #?decobmx #?profilezcoaster #?family"


Check out JOSH EILKEN and crew in I've got a good one for you today... Mike Hinkens and his merry band of Madera marauders took a trip to St Louis (and a few other cities in the general area) and ended up riding a plethora of amazing street gems thanks to some help from a few expert spot guides. Everybody killed it and Grant C did a great job putting this one together, watch this and then get off your ass and go ride something. Big rails, peg bonks, kinked rails, wallrides, polejams, barspins, bump jumps, fence gaps, and tree rides... we rode it all! One of the most diverse sets of spots we have ever ridden, this trip took most of the Madera team from Madison, Wisconsin, to St. Louis and Springfield Missouri. Thanks to some awesome tour guides we dodged rain and chased spots and this is the result. Riders: Erik Elstran Josh Eilken Mike Hinkens Jeff Dowhen Dylan McCauley Dan Kruk Filmed and Edited: Grant Castelluzzo BMX Flatland artists Thomas Noyer and Jean William Prévost, a Frenchie and a Quebecer who meet up in Thomas's scenic hometown of Albi in the Midi-Pyréné region of France. Settle down, and enjoy the quasi pumpless and scuffless art of BMX Flatland. This one is entitlted ''Albigeoisie'' as a statement to recognise the beauty and cultural richness of the region. Albigeoisie from IGI BMX / FAREAST / DUB on Vimeo. One try at this before security stopped us at the Chicago Bean. You can't take a bad photo here with the reflection and skyline giving so much character. This character @chaddegroot pushing the buttons with this coasting backyard while wearing a Packers tee. Real button pressed by @clayer72 @pusher_bmx while at #dewtour #decobmx #DecoBMX10k Chad D Chicago backyard Bean   Vital site posted up a feature on the Profile Racing Z coaster hub with the how to video, how it works, weights, and options...check it out here http://www.vitalbmx.com/product/feature/Profile-Z-Coaster-Hub,3094 and pick one up. Here Chad D doing a first with a rocket fakie wall ride right next to DecoBMX headquarters in Longwood Florida. Pic by Matt Coplon #profileZcoaster full_ChadDProfileZ_941141   Day 4 of the ?#?maidenamericatour? starting out with a dialed street session with @zacheryrogers 9am. Spot two. Might be one of the best wallrides I've carved. Thanks to Zach for his keen shutter snap. @profile_racing @fbm_bike_co @qbmx @decobmx ?#?bmx? ?#?fun? ?#?wallride? ?#?northcarolina 11535796_10154126928927715_144032312880738827_n

Mr. Bikes N Boards - Candyland Takeover!

Mr. Bikes N Boards - Candyland Takeover! from TheVoid on Vimeo. BACKPACKS CAMO RETRO STYLE
  • 600D polyester
  • Interior striped lining
  • Front zippered pocket
  • Media port
  • Interior pocket
  • Padded shoulder straps
  • 17.75"h x 12.25w" x 5.25d"
  • 1,142 cubic inches
DECO CAMO BACKPACK 2 MSRP $36.99 OGIO Stocked with options, this impressive bag organizes gadgetry and belongings for quick access.| 420D dobby poly/600D poly Back panel side-entry padded laptop pocket Large center storage area Power cord and mouse storage Internal file sleeve Weatherproof fleece-lined digital media/audio pockets with headphone exit port Adjustable sternum strap Deluxe organization panel Laptop sleeve: 15.5'h x 11.5'w x 2'd; fits most 17' laptops Dimensions: 18'h x 13.5'w x 9'd Capacity: 2,187 cu.in./35.8L Weight: 2.4 lbs./1.1kg Backpacks not intended for use by children 12 and under. DECO OGIO BACKPACK MSRP $79.99 Cool cubs in glassDeco rim strips  bwDeco axle nuts Deco tool:toiletry bagDeco-pc-pegs-on-tableDeco.-spokes-b+w-wnips1Tie Dye fork caps   CAMERA HANDLE FOR DLSR STYLE FITS WITH VERTICLE HOLD AND MIC. DIMENSIONS ARE 12" TALL 10" BOTTOM PLATE FRONT TO BACK 6" WIDTH OF BASE. 1" BENT TUBE FITS 1X DECO LOGO GRIP INCLUDED IN YOUR CHOICE OF COLORS. FELT PADS ON THE BOTTOM FOR PROTECTION OF BASE AND SOFT ON SURFACES. 5MM THICK BASE. ALLOY CONSTRUCTION AND WEIGHT OF 12.6 OZ WITHOUT GRIP OR CAMERA MOUNT BOLT AND NYLON BAR END. KIT INCLUDES HANDLE/BASE, 1X GRIP YOUR CHOICE OF COLOR, CAMERA MOUNT BOLT. DOES NOT INCLUDE CAMERA OR INSTALLED GRIP. MSRP $49.99 Camera handle w deco grip Bring your own bike seriesVoodoo jam 2015 July 25th11418492_981877005178343_1081173699_n Tampa Bay jam
Getup and dance like this. #decobmx #bmx #doitfordeco #10k A video posted by @decobmx on
Moment of ZEN 10004051_587696464654593_209114213_n www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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