WuPEGS, Mat Olson, Chad DeGroot, Tom Villarreal, Tim Knoll, Mike Meister, NEW COLORS

TODAY FELT LIKE IT NEEDS TO BE IN ALL CAPS LIKE I AM SCREAMING OR SOMETHING. STARTED THE DAY FEELING LIKE THE OLD DAYS AT MISSION AND MESH SKATEPARKS BUILDING WITH WOOD, CUTTING METAL, DRILLING, JUMPING OFF, SANDING, PLANNING AND MAKING IT RIGHT. THIS TIME NOT A RAMP BUT A JUNGLE GYM FOR MY KIDS. LEARNING THESE SKILLS FROM A SKATEPARK HELPS ME, BUT HAVING BURNT SKIN FROM METAL SHARDS SUCKS BUT THE END RESULT IS THIS CUSTOM SET UP IS NUTS. HUGE SLIDE, ELEVATED SAND BOX. DAMN. THIS IS RAD...THANKS SANTA. Back to business, the WuPEGS are happening and so rad. I slammed them all week and they are still perfect. So light...damn. G-Shock and Tsutomu killing it, check the vid. TV getting high on the Full Factory ramps. Chad D on his porch. Tim Knoll what?  FLBMX. Mike Meister treat. The NEW products are here, new colors...the good shit. Mat Olson at KONA. END-Have a good weekend everyone and get up and get out and do something...-Chad D
The WuPEG is the only peg you need and with a weight of 69 grams or 2.4 oz. each peg (1.5 version) this will be the only "Homie Hauler" or "Action Bars" you need. These pegs had a stress analysis used to design and test airplanes with aerospace spec info on Alcoa 7000 series including hand picked American 7075 aluminum. Flatland is science. With our scientist's stress analysis at over 2,000 pounds, our peg does not break. Stay light and stay strong my friends. WuPEG forever. 100% USA made. USA MADE flag
-SIZES: 1.5 and 1.75 tapered -WEIGHT: 1.5 - 69 grams or 2.4 oz. EACH. 138 grams or 4.8 oz. PAIR -COLORS: Coming Soon -17mm or 19mm socket compatible Pegs sold as pairs with the choice of 10mm and 14mm with adapter version of both 1.5 and 1.75 MSRP $ Coming Soon sold as pairs pegs3 G-Shock REAL TOUGHNESS TOKYO 2013 with Tsutomu G-Shock REAL TOUGHNESS TOKYO 2013 from hiroshi430 on Vimeo. This is pretty BAD ASS. Tom Villarreal at height by @cmortenson #decobmx Tom V pretty hip by @cmortenson Here is another angle of Chad D's bike check on the profile site and be sure to look close at that Profile Freecoaster, its good, real good. http://www.profileracing.com/2013/11/chad-d-bike-check/ Pic By:Matt Coplon/Profile Racing Chad #3 Guess who swings on poles with his bike? Tim Knoll proudly on a TA frame and some fine ass Deco goods. DAMN. Tim Knoll on a TA Deco Coplon on the J&R trailer...damn son getting the oppo tabes for all the traveling babes. Coplon on the J & R trailer What other state is doing a BMX series? No state but Flo Rida. Get involved in this. FLBMX series
Check out Mike Meister and crew in...
Neighborhood Threat from Moon Dust on Vimeo. AND a pic of what he does best...wallrides at height with style. Mike Meister high as hell wallride
Did you know about our new fork cap color? FuForks cap RED And our new logo grips colors? New colors Deco logo grips And our new pc pedal colors? New colors Deco pc pedals with metal pins This one time Mat Olson went to Kona skatepark in Jacksonville Florida and rode the sketchy quarter at the end of the snake run, airing this bitch is hard enough, he threw in some TBOG style. #decobmx Mat O tbog at Kona by covington
Moment of ZEN Shoes on a line www.decobmx.com

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