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Its as cold as a witch's tit in a brass bra. Sure you know what I mean here when I say this. Stay warm my friends. So to start this weeks post I will do it with an emphasis on FREE. Or discounts. Actually I have nothing to say about it so just click on the tab and see what you can do to get what you deserve...for FREE. Actually this post started crappy and I want to get to the good stuff below with Coplon and his year end edit with tons of clips, rad spots, and support for Deco...thanks. Mike Meister is in here more than a few times but you need to click the links...his bike check on ESPN is so good and well filmed. ONE LOVE plug. The new color grips are in stock and top caps for your forks in a few colors to upgrade your set up. Mat Olson at the WARD killing it as taken from DecoBMX facebook. Stay warm, stay free, make it happen. -Chad D

Matt Coplon. Deco: See You Soon, Love Always.

This is a compilation of clips I put together starting late summer. I'm usually enjoying the other side of the lens with filming, so I'm not one to ask someone to film for me: excuse the multiple tri-pod angles. But when I was able to lure someone in, thanks to these folks below for their time, kind words and motivation while cruising the streets of Tampa: Travis Reavis, Matt Arnold, Lucas Porzio, David Gibson, Steven Caro, and Scott Ehlert. Thanks to Deco, Chad Degroot, and Profile Racing for keeping my rig fresh. Thanks to Henry Wilson for the Tunes. Here's to 2014. Thanks for watching, enjoy. -Matt Matt Coplon. Deco: See You Soon, Love Always. from TBR BMX on Vimeo.
This past summer the Vinyl crew took a 20 hour journey from Pennsylvania to Colorado to ride and hike some of the finest Rocky Mountain parks. Featuring, Brian Yeagle, Mark Potoczny, Ryan Popple, Tom Arkus, Chase Zink, Tom Dillon, Teddy Van Orman, Mike Meister, Cody Landers, and friends.
Vinylbmx | Colorado 2013 from Vinylbmx on Vimeo. ONE LOVE, give a LOVE -1 Check out Mike Meister on ESPN with his bike check and more HERE. OUT NOW. Damn. photo 4 photo 3 photo 6photo 5
Here is a throwback from the Voodoo jam with Tsutomu winning and spinning.
Moment of ZEN

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