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There is a lot going on to start this year industry wise with many big companies folding and smaller companies ready to step up where bmx needs to be. We need to make it bigger, better, make it cool and get people involved by supporting rider own shops and STOP making this a discount barn. Watch the Adam22 vid below, like him, love him, hate him he makes sense. START-NEW beanies and hats will be in stock TODAY but with hectic scramblings I am going to do my best to get it out there and info as soon as I can. Mat Olson is drilling that Havasu park a new one each time he rides it. Rob Nolli fist in the air with cheerleaders from the Mavs during a halftime show with Mat Olson as well, why can't they be better looking, at least the hangers look sweet. Tsutomu with his signature trick graces us with the cover of HIDDEN magazine in Japan...damn good. Taylor  Bonds is a gangsta...check his goodness and style. Chad D with more flat in  your face. Wade in Canada hits you with some scraps from 2013. Where the hell is Coplon? someone give him a nudge. Have a good weekend and don't let your meat loaf. END -Chad D
Make bmx bigger, make it cool, get involved, support rider own shops, stop making this a discount barn, NEW snapbacks and beanies will be out TODAY. More pics and info coming as soon as we get them in our hands or our heads. Well were not going to put them in our heads but you get the point. photo 2 A FEW CLIPS WITH MAT OLSON AT PAT'S PARK IN LAKE HAVASU, AZ. THIS WAS ALL FILMED IN LESS THAN ONE HOUR. MAT OLSON x MG x LHC from Merkem Goods on Vimeo. Dallas Mavs halftime show with @bmxtrickstars good golly rob nolli, @matuptobat , and @texasmwade with some lovely lively breasty cheerleaders #decobmx 1545841_720879797930921_325472825_n Congrats to Tsutomu for the cover of issue #1 of HIDDEN magazine, this whole thing is so dope and thick...awesome. Tsutomu cover of Hidden Mat Olson with a bad ass 3 tuck at WARD. Mat Olson 3 tuck Woodward Team rider and member of The Loose Chain Gang; Taylor Bonds keeps things simple yet technical in this Mid Winter short. Follow T. Bonds and Gang as they cause trouble, ride solid and all with they chains hangin' low. Music: De La Soul : 'Tread Water' on (3 Feet High and Rising) _Filmed and Produced by: Jordan Muench Go support 430 in Japan, making the best clothes ever. Coat times are upon us, get all bundled up. Chad 430 coat
Chad D mid switch in from of Mr. B's in Longwood, Florida for the new HIDDEN magazine.
Chad Hidden page
Mat Olson nac nac style at the oldest skatepark in the USA Kona in Jacksonville transferring from the deep end to the snake run. Pic by Covington.
Mat Olson nac by covington
One Love regs
FLBMX series
Guess WHO DAT?
CHECK OUT THIS FEATURE as seen on the Profile Racing site. Damn good set up right here and pics are local and who needs a partner to dance?
You like baseball? How about hitch hiking between 2nd and 3rd bases at the Miami Marlins stadium. Chad D thumbs up with a session in the dirt, pretty damn fine ass dirt I must say.
Miami Marlins hitch hiking from 3rd to 2nd base inside marlins stadium
Wade Lajlar and crew doing hitting you with some unused clips from 2013. DAMN. Rayden Wickop Reel from Rayden Wickop on Vimeo. Chad D first pic in a magazine called GO way back in the day...what day? 1497619_775297062485034_297165591_n
Damn this is funny.
Moments of ZEN Beat up shockabath salts

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