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FART. Had to do it, laid it on ya steamy style. Hopefully with the hundreds of thousands of views of Mat Olson doing the bridge ride over the arches that people are reading this and see a FART to start the day. With that said check the vid of Mat doing his thing and watch it as much as possible so he gets more views. Instagram slam with TA and Mathias is so dope. Snapbacks and patch beanies are in stock and ready to go. FL-BMX stop in Orlando was as good as it gets so check the recap video and congrats to Nolli, Hey Man, and Chad D 30 and over style. Matt Coplon and the bunny hop, write up and pics in his own words. $2 tubes. Karl Poynter ESPN helping out with a new indoor park in INDY, go support that. BMX school? Check the vid and get inspired. Flat Jam Bday party. The Weave Man. Have a good weekend humans and send over your DECOrations and pics so we are in the know. END -Chad D
Mat Olson BMX biker rides over Ft. Worth 7th Street Bridge arches THIS IS INSANE. Today I’m happy to present our first ever flatland Instagram Slam featuring 2 of the best in the game, Terry Adams and Matthias Dandois. Even if you don’t know shit about flatland, you should still watch this, it’s awesome. Follow @terryadamsbmx and @matthiasdandois on Instagram. SNAPBACKS AND BEANIES OUT NOW AND AVAILABLE HERE IMG_4049 CLick on this for results and info on the next few contests...get involved, get some DECOrations. Congrats to Good Golly Rob Nolli for the 1st, HEY MAN Andrews for 2nd, and VAG DeGroot for 3rd. Front wheel action in the 30+ class, staying classy on that assy. 3 2 1 OSP stop 2 and 3 OSP stop JPR with hat Deco Table OSP Degroot over Tooth Matt Coplon hits  you with the bunny hop in his own words:
The first object I bunny hopped within significant height was a 32oz 7-eleven big gulp cup.
I did it showing off in front of all the younger kids in my neighborhood. I had a nickel plated mongoose. My brother left it in Tampa when he left for college. For that alone I thought I was a bad ass. Now, with my new ability to magically lift the bike up and over obstacles, I thought myself even more so.
That was, until Dale Swisher moved near my neighborhood.
Dale was tall and thin, he had a pretty bad ass "Kentucky Waterfall" mullet and rode a cruiser, with 20' wheels and forks raked out so far it made his rig look like a chopper.
Dale liked dip. The shit you put in your lip. He liked country music, and if I can recall correctly, he could easily bunny hop over a small human.
Dale became my arch nemesis. I hated is cool hair do. His dip spit smelled wretched. And his high ass bunny hops made me feel incompetent.
I hated him, because I wanted to be him.
Recently, 20+ years later, he reached out to me on Facebook. I was stoked to see him doing well. With a similar hair-do, with country music references on his page, he looked like the same ol' Dale. He will probably never know what he taught me indirectly. So this little homage is a "thank you" to him for is tutelage.
Of how to properly do one of the most fun tricks invented on a bmx bike: The Bunny hop.
Bunnyhop Fakie on a qwedge in Gainesville.
Coplon Fakie Gainesville
Hip hop at Fowler Ditch.
Coplon Fowler Hip Roast
Tight pyramid tuck at Possum Creek.
Coplon Pyramid Tuck Gainesville
Washout gap in Gainesville.
Coplon Hip Hop Gainesville
How can you pass up a $2 tube? Get one or more HERE. STOCK UP ON THESE, NEVER KNOW WHEN KARMA IS GOING TO GET YOU. ALWAYS HAVE A BACKUP. Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 10.41.59 AM CHECK OUT THIS NEW SKATEPARK EDIT ON ESPN WITH KARL POYNTER GETTING A FEW CLIPS...CLICK HERE Screen shot 2014-01-14 at 11.16.45 AM Go ahead and give DECO SPAIN a LIKE by clicking HERE. BMX Riders Kotaro Tanaka and Hiroshi Uehara talk about the development of BMX Flatland Culture in Japan. We will see through the different styles and levels of BMX Flatland Japanese riders the evolution of the sport. Entirely in Japanese language, they show us their love and Passion to push the sport and the Lifestyle around it. Filmed in Tokyo, Yokohama, Nagoya, Nara, Sanda and Kobe in 2010 and 2013. NIPPON BMX FLATLAND from Wildschnitt on Vimeo. Mat Olson on Japanese TV 1017306_534798216619224_346512151_n This is going to be rad. Make it out if your in the area...or fly in for the warm weather. Bring some DECOrations. Birthday Jam Flyer The Weave Man getting involved. 1530587_10201462151897347_1826628887_n Moment of ZEN www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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