Tally it up 5 years, One Love, Mat Olson, Chad DeGroot, TA, Action Bars, Thomas Noyer, birthday, BMX

When good is good how can this get better, it can. Use the tally counter shown below and get organized and get a piece of the pie. Welcome to reality, it's hard for some people, so hard it will make ya momma cry. The fact is the rider owned crew has been reinstated. Loving to love what you do, stop loving yourself, let the Playas play. It's soon a new day. Compliments, smiles in public, objects of desire...your the one...Live how you want to be seen. THANK YOU EVERYONE WHO SUPPORTED DECO even the aliens. Big things are coming and with this kind of support shit is awesome and rad as it gets. START-Tally count to 5, high 5 to DECO. Camo limited run snapbacks. TA and the facebook crew videos to watch. Chad in front of Mr. B's with a dog. One Love Jam. Karl and the Action Bars pegs. Thomas Noyer and France. Sunday flat jam and bday party. New Deco brander. Profile crew invites you to ride with them. And your moment of ZEN. Have a great week end and don't dock to much this weekend with your weak end. -Chad D Deco-tally-counting-5-year-
Limited edition Snapback Camo hats with Deco patch only 16 made. Deco-camo-snapback-patch
As seen on @profile_racing Instagram Chad D @chaddegroot back wheel switch with style and is that a dog in the background watching? #decobmx #chadknowsdeco
TA and the WuPEGS, running sample joints on the front and loving them. Pic from the ONE LOVE Jam. See the whole jam video, write up, and pics HERE HERE HERE
TA hip pack
Ohhhh shit, good news in France.
Thomas won two medals from Flatmattersonline, damn...Edit of the year and breakthrough rider.
Thomas Noyer medals
Get out to this...Sunday.
Birthday Jam Flyer
Check out TSUTOMU and crew Shinjuku Park - Tokyo This is pretty incredible gift from Scott Weaver, I just saw this at my shop MR. B's in Longwood Florida and had to share it. He just wanted to say thanks. Damn, this is so rad...maybe I will heat it up and brand someone? Who wants to step up? Deco metal piece from the weave Stop out and ride with the crew Matt Coplon, Chad DeGroot, and them all... IMG_1970 Moment of ZEN TA and handstand www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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