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Best part of the day is when UPS arrives with packages and there is exactly what you want. This doesn't happen everyday but with me running two businesses its pretty rad seeing Chocolate Santa reading my list and making it right to my door. This happened with some samples of the new Self Titled Street frames, designed for a beating. New stickers as show below available now. AND more to come, I don't want to spoil it all. Take a look at the new postcards out next week with Mat Olson doing his bridge evolution and Chad D doing the hop. Tom Villarreal sighting at SPOT and showing you why he is BADASS. Lakeland flat jam went off so check out the pics below and more to come on the Profile Racing site and TBR as well...happy bday Tyler. Facebook videos are always rad...check them below and see who is staring this week. Mat Olson has spots, believe that. Terry Adams new link. Hiroshi wants to save the world, watch this acid trippy goodness and think of Gonz with a bible on top of a mountain in Arizona. Some flashback pic from Woodward which is soo good. Profile team on a Florida trip so stop by and ride with them bros. Flikr photos, ya we have one of those and its all updated with the crisp and clean pics you need to stun them eyes with. Coplon hits you with some words about his life and his beard and more. Deco Shocka brander is reality, believe that it will be used in 2014 for many-a-thing. Guess who got the Moment of Zen? Guess which round of teeth he was on for this pic? END -Chad D's nuts.
New postcards are here and shipping with every order and will be in supported shops real soon. A Travis Kincaid pic of Mat Olson bridge ride. Also CLICK HERE to see the video. Deco-Postcard-#5-side-a Deco-Postcard-#5-side-b Lakeland jam for Tyler this past weekend...amazing turnout even with the drizzle. Ya flizzzzzatland style. LAKELAND CREW Here is some pics sent over from Profile Racing taken of Chad D while at the Lakeland Jam. CHAD D LAKELAND JAM 2 CHAD D LAKELAND JAM Deco dymo stickers are in stock and we have plenty of them. Get them HERE or at finer supporters worldwide son. Deco dymo stickers
Mat Olson berm shot/wall ride to bar. Pic by: @crujonesisradd  Somewhere in the underbelly of Funkytown USA #txbmx #ftworth #jukelife #bmx #decobmx #matknowsdeco #bars @decobmx09 @Profile_Racing @merkemgoods @pusherbmx @jukelife @sunringlebmx #follow #support
Mat Olson bars moon

Hiroshi Uehara - BMX Will Save The World

Rider: Hiroshi Uehara Location: Tokyo, Japan Filmed by Adrien Cretté & Hironao Doko Edited by Adrien Cretté 1st song and original clip: (NSFW) 2nd song:
As seen on @profile_racing of @chaddegroot doing a flatland tabletop slightly inverted thanks to @matt_coplon for the pic at @campwoodward #decobmx #chadknowsdeco
Get with it and get in the warm weather with the Profile team in Florida.
Check out the DecoBMX flikr HERE to see some newly updated pics that will drop ya jaw.
Screen shot 2014-01-31 at 11.15.04 AM
#decoshocka brander is here, so that means we need to put it to the test...belts, backs, necks, BANNED in the backyard 2? any ideas?
Deco shocka brander
Matt Coplon checks in and talks about ...hell,  you read always a treat to read.
Last Saturday: Who wants to shave? I definitely don't. I've got a half beard right now and my wife is yelling from the other room begging me to get rid of it. I wish it would just disappear.
The lathering up my face, the dull razor ripping hairs off my chin, the blood, the little dabs of toilet paper spotting my skin like lunar craters. The worst though: all the hair gumming up the blade.
I'll have to bang it on the sink, water running on high to flush the little guys out of there.
Its a process that takes too long. Instead, I cruised out the door to ride. I looked homeless.
Nose wedge on a fence a couple blocks from my house with a shitty beard.
Coplon Nose Jam Sligh
An x-up on the same bank. Thought I pulled my shoulder out of place on this one. It hurt. But it was fun. Shitty beard and all.
 Coplon X-Up Slight Bank
Last Sunday: I eeked out another session. For some reason, every time I go to these full pipes I think of "Buddy." "Buddy" was a man that lived in a trailer. He had a mini ramp in his backyard.
His shed was filled with bike parts he hawked at the local bmx track. I bought a stem from him once. A DK Pro wedge stem. It looked cool, until it snapped.
Thanks to him for letting us kids ride his mini ramp. Because of that ramp, in combination with watching/idolizing Keith Treanor, I learned how to ride a transition.
These full pipes bring back good memories...of being 13 going on 37.
Thanks to all those dudes who will probably never realize how much of an influence they were. -Matt Coplon
 --Full pipe transfer before the rains came.
Coplon Full Pipe Transfer January 2014
MOMENT OF ZEN IMG_0147 copy www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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