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Last night I put a bunch of work into my look for my picture to renew my license. I woke up and my son said "Where did you get that mustache?". I told him I have always had it but needed it fixed a little to really show it off. Hulk Hogan eat your heart out, specially with some eye liner to black it out and bold it on my face. Its been ten years since I have shot my face pic for my license and this one was worth the time and effort making it the best. To START we have Tsutomu with a bike check, click the link to see the site its on, pretty damn good. The “New Deco. grips feel soft like kittens and marshmallows” will be out soon in gum color or as Eastern bikes calls it "SKIN COLOR" and if you don't believe me check your moments of Zen as I posted it up. Tim Knoll doing some wild shit again, this one I want to see the video clip of while at Four Seasons Skatepark in Milwaukee. Coplon is a Vegan and he drops in on trees? German Mario checks in with a high as hell fakie wallride and you can see the video clip of it as posted. Updated pages on the main site including the PRODUCTS page and BUY NOW feature.  Battle for Northern Indiana and footdown with Karly Poynter. Thomas Noyer interview and how he ticks. Facebook video with Tom V doing his thing, the nose to 180 is dope. Chad D and the flatland jams. Profile Escape tour in Florida...check the dates. And your moments of zen with a guy who doesn't give 5/3 of a shit and rednecks say it best, skinnecks I mean. Have a great weekend and slim it down. END -Chad D
Check out TSUTOMU bike check HERE Print Beautifully made for  your hands, to grab or not grab them? That is the question. If someone told  you these grips were deeply textured, soft and consoling. Would you have any  more questions? What question is that really? Nobody will make you feel better about going out and meeting the world with your new companions.  Others might say “one of life’s true gifts”. Either way you owe it to yourself and whoever steals your bike, true relaxation of the hands. “New Deco. grips feel soft like kittens and marshmallows” Molded Deco. logo on the end plug, these babies are plastic. Weight: 4.4 oz., black plugs .5 oz. MORE PICS CLICK HERE Deco Gum color grip Tim Knoll at it again, check this grind...damn nice on that TA frame and in Four Seasons park in Milwaukee. TIM KNOLL UPSIDE DOWN GRIND The Pusher Crew visits Arizona and California in this five minute edit. No pressure and lots of good vibes all around as they live the California life for a bit. This trips cast includes Mike Meister, Preston Solis, Clayton Brown, Dan Nielsen and Taylor Bonds. Pusher's #AZSDLA Trip from In Bars We Trust on Vimeo. Matt Coplon at Deco'd out on this sweet spot brick wallride and dropping in on a tree, is that what vegans do? Coplon Brick Wall Hillsborough Coplon Tree Drop In Mario Kaluski zeigt in diesem Imagefilm über die YARD Skatehall in Hannover, dass man sich selbst in deren neuem Streetbereich bis unter die Decke katapultieren kann: — with Mario Kaluski at YARD Skatehall. Can't read all of that, well check the pic and click the link to see how high that fakie wall ride was...its towards the end of the  video...DAMN. 1554490_708889469142413_1886571144_n Check out the UPDATED PRODUCTS page easier on the eyes and BUY NOW option. PRODUCTS TAB
Stop by a cool ass skatepark and win some things with Karly Poynter. Karl Poynter footdownBATTLE FOR NOTHERN INDY Good interview with Thomas Noyer talking about his edits, riding, and his two new awards he recently received...check it out HERE. Thomas-181-600x400
Chad D showing you a hip pack at the local Orlando jam recently, just notice those Gum color grips, the sticky icky. Pic by: Enos Torres
Chad front bars decade Enos TorresChad D hip pack by Enos Torres
Another reminder of the good shit.
Small batch of logo tees in stock, check the pic below for colors and ordering HERE.
Deco logo tees
Moment'S of ZEN 1001027_10152230853274042_1813520183_n Eastern makes skin wall tires, what color is your skin? Skinwall tires www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-  

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