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This week is almost over, well the weekend is still left but regardless this means a recap and some new items for the weekly wrap up. This week started in 7 degree weather at QBP Frostbike and ended today in 70 degree weather in Florida. All with bikes and riding in mind. A few wild things this week, was called the "N" word, got word we have to move the operation for a month or so, pulled a few long time trying tricks, finished the WuPEGS, farted, slid on ice covered highways, worked on Baco 11, got invited to two serious events including Voodoo Jam, and farted again. Do you follow Tom Villarreal and see all the goods he is doing? Damn that kid is good. Mark your calendars for the events posted below, check the flyers. Follow @bacodesigns on instagram or go to www.bacodesigns.com for more info on the bluray and documentary. Thug life at QBP with Coplon showing off the new Profile goods and a few of the Deco bangers. Dolecki and the Profile escape tour part #2 is up and the photos are insane. Lee Musselwhite is on it...check his shit. TA with a quick City Park session and a whip whip whip it good. Coplon going to the ceiling. If Mat Olson is showing you a 270 bars to pegs to 180 out guess what his clips will be for Baco 11. Go have some fun and keep smiling you bangers...get it done. What do you call a hooker with a runny nose? FULL. Thanks for all the support, tons of new orders shipped this week only making people happy. -Chad D
As seen on @tomvillarreal dropping in long beach pic by @cmortenson #decobmx #lifeislifted Tom Villarreal dropping in at the beach NOLA is hosting Voodoo Jam this year...date is set so set your plans now and hit up #voodoojam for updated pics. Voodoojam 2014 Stacking clips for @bacodesigns baco 11 pic care of @imcodyanderson with @matuptobat #decobmx #matknowsdeco Mat O whip for Baco 11 Frostbike thug life with Matt Coplon and Chad D at QBP. Matt n Chad at frostbike 2014 Profile escape tour Gallery #2 is up on the Dig site...so CHECK IT HERE. Also take note of that Self Titled Street frame Chad is on, details coming soon. QBMX DID A RAD FEATURE ON THIS TO...CLICK HERE TO CHECK IT OUUUUUUT. 2014.2.13_PROFILEFLA_8 Chad D at Bethune in Daytona by Dolecki TA came out swinging for this Sweet ride in to whip whip whip whip it good. Check out his Team Page HERE http://decobmx.com/2012/04/terry-adams/ and his Frame HERE http://decobmx.com/2009/06/ta-terry-adams-frame/ Don't forget to check out the Lee TEAM PAGE. minesweeper Your local shop not carrying Deco? SHOP HERE. katrina darrell buy now tab The WuPEGS are almost here so get excited and get your order in NOW. Hit up chad@decobmx.com so your the 1st to get them. Available in Black or Clear Ano. More info and pics HERE.  WuPEGS side 2 WuPEGS them all
Here are a few events coming up in a few months but its better to plan than not to plan. Arizona and Wisconsin doing it up.
flyer deco in TANGENT FLAT JAM
TA getting in a session at City Park in NOLA.
TA at City Park in NOLA
Coplon riding  one of the oldest ramps at SPOT and from the looks of it that light stands no chance, hope he broke the shit out of it and spit on the glass, getting high up on that quarter with no drugs.
Coplon Vert Wall SPoT
This is really bad ass, Mat Olson slow mo sesh with a 270 bars to pegs to fakie.
Moment of ZEN 1469813_10200775264414036_1917249961_n www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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