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Woke up yesterday and thought I could beat the rain or at least get a lil session before it started...well it started to sprinkle while on the drive to my spot. This bummed me out since there is no indoor spots in my area except my shop, which I have ridden in a few times. That sparked the interest of driving around and calling for renting a small warehouse then it just happened. The best spot, even covered, was right next to me for the last 14 years. I just had to sweep a bit and it  was on. So today I woke up and headed over there, it wasn't even raining, and had a session. Sometimes the best things are actually close to you and you don't even know. START-Welcome Mike Meister to Profile edit is awesome seeing him hit walls and even some big boy rails. Tsutomu checks in with a rad tight spot making riding look so good and smooth. Thomas Noyer doing shows. The Weave man getting crossed up. Tang is on the move. Musselwhite doing what he does. Filth showing you a rad skatepark and a good quick fight...it happens. Coplon and the photo. Reminders for upcoming jams. SHOP DECO. Succubus Lite new colors. Baco 1-10. The NEW tally tee is almost here...will be ready to ship on Monday. AND your VIP Moment of ZEN. END- Chad D


MIKE MEISTER – WELCOME TO 2014 PROFILE RACING from Profile Racing on Vimeo. Damn this hip looks clean and nice, Mike Meister whipping it real good. I don't think I have seen him whip, damn, damn good style. Mike Meister whip cement street hip Tsutomu checked in with some rad pics doing a style bunny hop and a no handed front wheel spin in a tight area. Damn good style. And congrats again on landing the Profile Racing sponsorship. Tsutomu bunny hop styleTsutomu front style spin Tsutomu chill face shot Thomas Noyer was doing some shows at VENDEE FREESTYLE SESSION and has a highlight at 3:20 so check it out and enjoy the pics. Thomas Noyer demo Vendee 2Thomas Noyer demo Vendee 3 Thomas Noyer demo Vendee Scott Weaver getting it done in the nice Florida weather, x foot style. Scott Weaver Tang Meng chillin with the crew Francisco Pekeno, Francisco Lima Pekeno, Thiago Fernandes de Freitas, Pedro Luz Santos and Pedro Nascimento at Paulista Avenue. Tang Meng chill with crew Lee showing you his beaver, damn he can coast this beaver forever. IMG_2146 Johnny Filth AKA Mr. Filth and the AZ crew throwing down at this amazing park with a little liquid courage and a chill fight. Check it. Life Behind Bars pt 2 from Linwood Bosshogg Monk on Vimeo. After a talk with Matt Coplon he mentioned a homeless person took a recent photo of him, I have to ask him a bunch of questions, namely the trust issue...but he explains it here:
I was pretty exhausted Monday after work. Sunday proved to be an all day event, meeting up with the Tampa crew at 10am and putting in a full days pedal.
Didn't make any phone calls on Monday. Just planned to shot gun a circular route through the neighborhood, get some exercise, and manual some curbs.
On those laid back, solo sessions, spot hunting seems to avail the most: I stumbled upon a curved wall, a poll jam, and a rail I'd never seen before. I rode past each, marking the locale to come back for a later visit.
It was getting dark, I promised the wife I'd make it home before the sun finally set.
And on that last stretch to the home front, I found this rail hop. Maybe "finding" is not the correct term...more so, finding it in a state ready to be ridden (aka...no one was in the converted office it had become).
So I set up my camera on a tri-pod to film a basic rail hop. I really like the look of this old bungalow, the fact that a drive way ran the length of it to make a decent, flat and smooth landing.
I hopped the rail a couple times. Grabbed the clips and then began to put my camera away. I was kind of bummed because I thought it would make for a cool photo at sunset. And it just so happened a homeless man walked by the house.
I flagged him over:
"You got a minute?" I asked.
"How long?"
"Literally, five minutes. Mind shooting a photo for me?" I asked
"Sure man, why not."
I switched my camera back on. Set the ISO and aperture to a setting conducive to the oncoming darkness.
I shot a photo framing the house and rail hop. I showed him.
I shot another, and another.
After about a half dozen attempts, it seemed like things were primed.
I showed him the photo again. I showed him the shutter button.
"Hold it vertical, then hold this button half way down. And when I jump through that hole, press it."
"What do you think?" I asked.
"Go ahead on," he said, waving me towards the house.
I handed over the camera.
With the sun setting quickly, I ran up the stairs to the porch. Lifting my bike, I held it over the rail and screamed out "focus on this, hold the button half way down, then press it."
He did it. Did it again. And again.
"Ready" he yelled over the length of the yard.
I tucked myself into the corner. With two full cranks, I sent one last hop over that rail.
This man, I thought, random, generous enough to actually stop and help out my inconsequential situation.
I knew he hadn't gotten it. I banked on that. The story itself was worth it though.
Pedaling towards him, I smiled, "Thanks a lot man, I really appreciate it."
He smiled back and flipped the view finder around in my direction.
There, as the sun was well below the horizon, I could see that he shot the picture absolutely perfect.
Perfect peak. Perfect timing.
"You're crazy as hell man," he said, lifting his knuckles for a fist bump.
He handed me back my camera, "I'll see you around," he said, "you be careful out there."
Coplon Homeless Rail Hop
Plenty of reminders for these jams coming up, we will stack these on you each week to you tell us your ALL going...so make plans and support the COOL in BMX. Voodoojam 2014 TANGENT FLAT JAM flyer deco in1800210_10152822379687715_775729408_n Succubus Lite round 2 will be complete within one month and the new colors are incredible with a light blue and a navy blue and classic gloss black. With white or red stickers. Same specs as show below. Sit tight but get excited, these are amazing and will be out soon. Succubus Lite round 2 colorsSuccubus-Lites Chad D and the donkey
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