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Have you ever moved before and found some stuff in boxes you haven't looked at in years? I have been moving all week in a panic cause the deadline is today at 5pm and I am going to cut it real close. But after looking into boxes and all over I am uncovering a ton of gems and a ton of duds. Actual shares or Mission and Mesh Skateparks stock I am giving away, James Covington received one million shares. Old VHS videos of all the Baco series and even unopened Road Fools 1. Damn I could go on and on but you get the point, treasures and a stock pile of them. Kind of like a time capsule that was opened and my mind is all over. This is life, it goes on, so lets get started with the good week this was when a UK Bridge magazine came in. TA and his Cali living edit. Chad D, Karl, and Thomas bike checks. Merritt Island jam. Johnny Filth wallride. Almost 420 jam on 419. Mat Olson and the black bars. Deco photoshop by Cody. 100k by TA. Have a sweet one everyone. Meat you on the other side. -Chad D
Do you remember when Mat Olson rode across the 6 arches of the Fort Worth bridge? Well click HERE to see if again and share and now a unique bridge magazine has printed it in the new issue out of the UK called BRIDGE Design & Engineering. BMX is cool again...were everywhere. Bridge magazineBridge magazine murky underside After visiting California many times over the last 13 years I decided to come ride in the nice weather for a month. - Terry Adams California Living ) Chad D with a bike check, the knee on the seat in circles is dope. Bunch of new riding pics #decobmx ON THAT TA frame #profileracing new gum color grips and WuPEGS http://www.profileracing.com/2014/03/chad-degroot-rig-check/ DeGroot-Bike-Check-Header   Nose Abubaca from Chad D at a lil rusty place in Florida called Paradise... if you don't crash. Pic by Matt Coplon. Chad D Merritt Island Jam nose abubaca I’ve known Karl for quite a few years now, and one thing I have come to know with him is that his bikes are always DIALED. Recently, he made some sponsor changes and found himself a home on DECO and even got some help with parts from Profile Racing. Now his bike is looking and running better than ever. We figured now would be a good time to catch up and take a closer look at this free coasting machine and get a little update on what’s new! Let’s take a peek! CLICK HERE TO SEE more and find out what is up with Karl. Union1_600x Sweet wall ride down a set with Johnny Filth and pic by Ricard McKummimings (not sure if that spelling is right, my high school mind is wondering right now). Johnny Filth wall ride by Richard McKummimgs Here is  the newest bmx jam were helping out at in Sarasota Florida and one sweet ass cement park that in enormous and with the BANNED dudes you know the place will be on fire and sticky. payne skatepark_poster Thomas Noyer has a bike check, check the pic below and recognize how dialed HE and his bike are. THOMASNOYER-BIKECHECK-2014-853x1024 Alessandro has been on a few Deco parts like pedals, pivotal post, and seat. Check his latest HUGE Masters of Dirt feature. Alessandro Barbero - Masters of Dirt / Vienna 2014 ) Congrats to TA or Terry Adams for reaching 100k LIKES on Facebook. Damn y'all like him some. Screen shot 2014-03-14 at 3.48.05 PM Thomas Noyer Highlight - Vendée Freestyle Session 2014 Highlight - Vendée Freestyle Session 2014 from FISE on Vimeo. Cody Jones spent some time blending some of the Deco crew into this collage that looks incredible featuring Mat Olson, Mr. Filth, Terry Adams, and Tom Villarreal. Go follow @jones_bmx cause he is doing cool shit. #decobmx Deco cut out team from @jones_bmx
Moment of ZEN hairy back sun tan lotion www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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