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Everyday when I am driving my kids to school I get stopped at a light or stop sign and have to glance over at other drivers. This one dude took me off guard with a cup of coffee and an ecig while driving, with kids. But worse one was this frumpy lady smoking a real cig and texting with a kid in the front seat, while moving. Kids has no chance, was next to her for a bit and she never stopped texting and the car was full of smoke. Gotta love parenting at its best, thanks to cigs n phones. To get started Josh Eilken gets in Maloufs face with a wild roof ride. Chad hits you with a throwback March calendar. Mat Olson with a superwhip at a cement paradise. Damn that Coplon weekend warrior. The NEW Deco hats are in classic and trucker style snapback. TA frame is available now, check it, soo good. 40 year old pool party style. Mike Meister treat. More Coplon meat. Red Bull Illume. Self Titled Street frame. TA Vigor way edit. FLBMX last stop. There you go, sit back, smoke real or fake smoke while you drive your kids around and pay more attention to your phone, its lonely. -Chad D
Try and figure this one out, @jbinobmx getting it done and can't wait to see the clip as seen on @maderabmx #decobmx Josh Eilken #lifeislifted -1 Check out this throwback from @realpropsbmx got Chad D all set up fist in the air for March. That frame color will be out for @decobmx09 succubus lite in a few weeks. Red stickers and all...sit tight. Chad D throwback light blue Mat Olson stacking clips for @bacodesigns new vid while in lake Havasu at the cement park @matuptobat #decobmx #matknowsdeco Mat Olson super whip cement Wedge to fence hop in the ghetto area with a bunch of spectators lurking. Coplon getting it done with style. Coplon Fence Sligh Logo patch hats in Classic or Trucker style snapback available NOW.  FREE STICKERS WITH ALL ORDERS. New Snapbacks 3Deco_dymo_stickers Damn this TA frame is so clean in Silver or Black out now. 18.9 or 19.5 TT versions also. Also hit up Red Bull Illume in Atlanta with Terry Adams in the it HERE. TA frame side shot silverTA-multi-face-voodoo-jam-e1369070679613-224x300 Thanks to no water, a steep wall, some speed, and the camera of Adam_LZ with wall slider Chad D is doing got loose. Empty pools, and ride them. Check out the FULL STORY ON THE PROFILE SITE, this is how it all evolved. Chad D tire slide by Adam LZ Way more pics and a great write up of Chad's pool party on TBR HERE. Group+Photo+Pool Check out Mike Meister and crew in this new edit. Fence bars from you guessed him, the weekend warrior, the meatless meat man, Matt Coplon. Pic by Lucas Porzio. Coplon bar fence by Lucas Porzio This is incredible massive pocket air into the janky rocks above and the steep vert wall, Matt Coplon slaps his meat and means it. Coplon Pocket Degroot This last stop of  the FLBMX series is almost here, make it, make plans, get to south Florida and show your shit. FLBMX series Josh Eilken just laced up a Self Titled Street frame with the grind plates and 75 degree headtube, looks pretty dope bubs. Stay tuned for the release date and colors coming soon. Josh Eilken self titled street Red Bull Illume with Terry Adams in Atlanta CBS46 News TA pulling it off another whip style link smooth as ever and make sure to get a Deco logo tee on our store, represent.
Check out VigorWay's community by downloading it today on Apple's App Store for free. Make sure to follow Terry Adams! VigorWay is releasing an Android platform at the end of April, along with new functions on iOS! Update on the WuPEGS, next week. You can BUY NOW to lock in your order so the color and size are yours first when they sell out. WU WU. All the peg you ever need. line-448x300WuSticker Josh Irvine and the butter like Action Bars.
Moment of ZEN 1497668_10151911253553358_189944915_n www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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