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Easter weekend and tons of hard boiled egg farts are in the making. What better to enjoy the bunny from easter and the family than candy and eggs. Go get your diabetes america and world for that fact but keep in mind those strangers with candy...and do that math on 420 stoned bunnies trying eat all your candy then leaving  you with a thank you fart. FLBMX series has come to a close and Matt n Chad got a session at Drop in Action park and practice at Abacoa, check the videos and keep in mind the low amount of scooters not being in the way. Tsutomu sent over a bunch of pics and I will slowly post them up but not to spoil  you with all of them at once. Coplon can do really long ice pick grinds at Woodward. Baco Jam has been announced and online sign ups have started so that means the documentary and Baco 11 are almost done. TA going to Trinidad, do you know where that is? Josh Eilken promo for Gully tees, he is a bit spoiled with all those AZ ditches everywhere. DIY poweder coat, why not as long as it looks this nice as Rick Macdonald did. Eat candy eggs, eat real eggs, eat everything YASU would eat, don't stop eating, this is your weekend to use your weak end. Have a good one everyone and know shipping started today for the WuPEGS. Holla. -Chad D
Quick stop to South Florida's Drop In park with @chaddegroot and @matt_coplon for a lil pregame before @flbmx finals. Chad gots sliders, sprocket grind, and front wheel boogie in this. #decobmx
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Tsutomu riding in a street which looks smooth as hell but in the background must be Fuji. Can can style for miles.
Tsutomu can can  fuji
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BACO JAM From Baco 9 2000 and now its on again at Jellystone in Wisconsin. To enter hit www.bacodesigns.com and check the flyer for more info. agogo TA in the newspaper building up to the Trinidad contest. That one is going to be nuts so look out for that. TA NEWSPAPER TRINIDAD TA-Frame-2-600x165   buy now tab Josh Eilken with the Gully tees out now...check it. TGF - D.A.R. shirt ft. Josh Eilken from The GULLY FACTORY on Vimeo. As seen on the Profile Racing instagram, a congrats to Chad DeGroot for 1st place in 30+ at the FLBMX finals this weekend. Here is a couple clips from practice...enjoy. #decobmx
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Matt Coplon featured on the J&R trailer doing a tweaked tabe...damn good.
Copon J R trailer tabes
Rick Macdonald going all DIY on this powder coat of his Deco frame. From making a duct work oven to a heat gun, and the end result is pretty damn awesome.
Rick Mac blue bikeheat gun oven
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MOMENT OF ZEN Scorpions www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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