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Being in the bike industry is amazing and ever changing but still the same in a lot of ways. You always have to be on your toes but not step on any toes as a lot of companies do. So I decided to step on  a few because I have one question to ask Eastern,  Duo, Mongoose, and Primo...ready for this shit? What the hell color is a skinwall tire? Even GUM color is not white and skin is gum? So let me get this straight that skin wall is all colors even pink like pink dick. So when you order or talk about skinwall tires its an open book that started from some genius color coordinator and spread to the deep south where it still is used and listed as skinwall. Here is to foreskinwall companies with their bell end up their own ass on purpose. Wikipedia defines it "Tires with very little rubber, if any, covering the sidewall are called "skin wall". This reduces rolling resistance at the cost of less damage protection." Which opens up another can of worms or fake jumping snakes on what the hell any of this derived from. Mat Olson is really fucking good, as you can see by the first pic below and the 2nd and almost every pic we post. Who could have been sponsored by Deco? Baco Jam reminder. Succubus Lite in Gross colors. Coplon and the head hunter. FLBMX finals recap vid with Coplon and DeGroot. WuPEGS legit pics so you can see what is up. Thomas Noyer got ya instagram up on here and Matt Closson to, check em short vids. Flatland Fracas. Tsutomu amazing pic. Have a great weekend everyone and watch out for skin. -Chad D
Mat Olson doing one hell of a TBOG on dirt, damn that gap is nuts. Also a wild capsule style pocket air type thing that I really don't know how to word it up word up to Mat for this. Mat Olson one hell of a TBOG dirt Mat Olson helmet pocket air Guess who this is doing a monster truck to pedal/sprocket on the judges tower? This lad could have ridden for Deco but... kp-pedal-stall Reminders for this all month long, and next get your shit together and get to this cause this is the last weekend to film for Baco 11 and if your nuts you just might get in it. All info for entering online and more agogo Succubus Lite in 18.9" and 19.5" TT Glossy Black, Lite Blue, and Dark Navy style coming to Japan in a few weeks and USA middle of MAY. Succubus Lite frames new colors DSC03184 DSC03185 Matt Coplon sent over these pics and words to go along with it, ohh shit story is rad and he handled it how a real man should.
In 2003, a seven story pecan tree fell on my house, knocking it to the ground (it's a traditional Florida bungalow, raised, with a crawl space).
The next three months lay in waiting.
Until the insurance check came.
I was hoping to buy a new house. But my shitty existing house wasn't worth enough to take the cash and invest into another living space...I had no choice but to rebuild.
The next 4 months were spent dealing with shady contracting. I'd often have to go up to Home Depot to check pricing on materials, or just scope out new odds and ends for the house. I found myself up there a couple days a week.
That was when I noticed this ledge hop.
Right across the street.
Over the course of the next ten years, I'd pass by this hop normally at the beginning of a session (it's real close to my house). Considering the ledge is not translucent (like a rail), it feels like a blind hop. On top of the that, the gap is kind of far. On top, top of that (literally), there is the psychological mind fuck of an awning.
Scary, times three.
Last Monday I was out pedaling by myself. I rode past it at the beginning of the ride and made the decision that Sunday was the day I'd hold my breath and give it a go.
All week I thought about it. Mainly: "what if this thing clothes lines me?"
I woke up early, spent most of the day cruising around and set 3pm as the launch date.
My buddy Scott and I headed over there at said time, set up the tri-pod, did one last head/bike clearance check followed by one last roll up to the hop.
Sometimes, its best not to think too hard about things.
Second roll up, I pushed the bunnyhop button and sent one over.
It feels good to still have a head.
The tee Matt is wearing is the Deco 5 year tally tee available now. 5 years long 5 years strong. buy now tab
Coplon Florida Ledge Hop Coplon Ledge set up #1 Coplon Ledge Set up #2
Here is another one of Matt at a spot that you get kicked out in a few seconds, this time they rode for over 20 minutes...gotta pay the toll to rock n roll, not even a toll. Normal tabe from the oppo tabe man.
Coplon Tabe Strazz
Tsutomu front wheel spin and switch with some gorgeous trees for a background.
Tsutomu front wheel spin trees
FLBMX finals at Abacoa with Matt Coplon, Chad DeGroot, and crew. WuPEGS are out NOW. Keep in mind since the lack of requests for 1.75 and the future of pegs the Ribbed version we are out of stock on those and only 1.5 in clear ano and black out now with shipping being 2 days style unless you live in the woods. Check the these new pics out and grab a towel for the drool. "Best pegs I have ever had". buy now tab WuPEGS 1.5 clear and black collage 2 WuPEGS 1.5 clear and black collage 3   WuPEGS black 1.5 sideWuPEGS 1.5 clear ano side WuPEGS 1.5 clear and black collageWuPEGS 1.5 clear and black collage 4 WuPEGS 1.5 clear and black bell end Thomas Noyer getting it done right here... Matt Closson chilling in the crank arm grind up the rail. This is a reminder for Flatland Fracas coming up in a few months and its better to plan it then get sprung on. Get involved and get bucked up for this sweet ass event. Join the event page 2014 FRACAS FLYERjpg Moment of ZEN hair www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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