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Inspiration can come from perspiration. Or it can come from a good feeling edit like with Matt Closson. He stepped it up and make this one count for his welcome edit so take a look. TA has been in Trinidad recently with a solid placing finish but what really stands out are the pics of his signature tricks in perfect form and representing like he knows how. Green Bay Wisconsin has been on the map with football but now an indoor spot that is really bike friendly and note that the ramps are from the closed down Lake Owen Camp. Sad to see the place go with such a great place but look up and smell the roses as GBASO is only going to get better so if your in the midwest hit it up and cruise down the street to Lambeau field to see some history. Thomas Noyer has been getting involved with his dudes by throwing on masks and...check it out and new pics from a North France jam. Musselwhite is up to it again, this time the Mantis as he calls it, his new creation will be on film soon enough to drool over. Mat Olson and the pump track, you have seen it, but now see him just tease you with a few tricks. Coplon in Georgia spreading and shredding as usual. TA and a quarter pipe tailwhip? Check it out. Chad D and good food...and on carpet...and no fat people? Hiroshi keeping it real with the decade with a ton of people in support. AND a Zen moment with a tree. Have a good one everyone and know everything happens for a reason. -Chad "Coach" D
Stacked BMX shop in association with DECO. would like to proudly welcome Matt Closson to the team. Matt has been a good friend of ours and has a great attitude on and off his bike. With an awesome person like this it made sense to bring on board to rep a rider owned Brand that we will fully support and carry in the shop. Tip your cups to awesome brand like DECO, Stacked BMX shop Thank you for your support! #follow us on instagram @stackedbmxshop @decobmx09 @stackedbmxshop in association with @decobmx09 would like to officially welcome @mattclosson to the team!!! If you would like to see a preview of his video that is dropping on Friday please #follow @mattclosson and @decobmx09#asns#westcoast#bmx#california#stackedbmxshop#deco#losangeles Stacked-bmx-shop-april28th-may9th-vital-300X600STACKED_GRAND_OPENING_FLIER @stackedbmxshop in association with @decobmx09 would like to officially welcome @mattclosson to the team!!! please #follow @mattclosson #stackedbmxshop #decobmx Full video out this Friday. DAMN this is GOOD. DAMN. #decoshocka
TA or Terry adams sent over this Keith Mulligan photo via the site while in Trinidad bmx jam placing 3rd in qualifying. #decobmx Keep in  mind those WuPEGS and TA frame out NOW. Also TA sent over this sweet pic mid hop of his signature trick while in Cali doing Cali stuff. Representing the Deco logo tee, Terry Adams signature frame, and the NEW WuPEGS out now. #decobmx TA TRINIDAY 3RD WUPEGSphoto WuPEGS black 1.5 sideWuPEGS 1.5 clear ano side  buy now tab WuSticker Located in Southern California, Larry Alvarado presents Stacked BMX shop. It is located in Riverside which is smack dab in the center of the Inland Empire. 100% rider owned and operated, it will cater to the BMX community. With over 10 years of experience in the bicycle industry this is the shop that you can trust. We are currently working on a lot of content for the shop which will include a grand opening/jam, videos, shop rides and much more. We will release more news shortly but in the mean time, here is a behind the scenes of what we have been up to and a few of the brands we will be carring. Thank you for your support, opening May 3rd Stacked BMX shop #follous on instagram @stackedbmxshop MATT CLOSSON #decobmx I am proud to announce the Grand Opening of the Green Bay Wisconsin action sports complex. If your in the midwest get over to support this place as GB has been in need of an indoor spot for years. AND BMX friendly so support as much as you can so it stays. GBASO grand opening flyer Thomas Noyer sent over this edit of him and buddies, he had this to say about their new project: "Other thing, with some riders of my hometown, we created a new little and local brand called "degenerate bicycle". All the products are homemade and at the moment we only did some tee shirt. Others goodies will come very soon. To launch the brand we did a little "who is who" edit in which we rode hooded and in which the goal is to find the name of each rider/ photograph/ cam recorder (4 riders, 1 photograph, 1 cam recorder). Winners won tee shirts. This idea was so nice and others projects will come soon." Thomas Noyer Lee sent over this pic of a new one he is doing he calls the Mantis, can't wait to see the video of this one. LEE AND THE MANTIS 430 event going down, if you can read Japanese then  you know what is up. eSDDsMCQoTtag12GwTBmkG0Yycl3K-D-lzDpdkRoteBoi0zLWl2FEKDCFKHfFNOSeTdjvBBKcgWuW95W-0d25ZbGBXsEAhWeLVXfOGNg=s0-d-e1-ft Every rider should have a backyard pump track like this. @matuptobat Mat Olson says it's only gonna get better. #decobmx #matknowsdeco
TTM x DECO collabo tee out real soon, with Dymo label maker front and the best quality tee by TTM.
TTM x DECO Dymo Tee 2 TTM x DECO Dymo Tee
Coplon is at it again but this time in Georgia hitting some frequented spots with a gap to brick wall and a smooth leg spreader foot to the face of this rail to over.
Matt Gap Wall Athens Coplon Rail Plant Athens
TA doing a quarter pipe tailwhip? I did see him do one of these on the landing of a box jump but it was his from the back pegs style, so this one is so legit and look at that almost agro face...where is the AGRO FACE gone to?
Not easy to ride with a thumb sprain and not being able to properly hold the handlebars... Pic during final run at #astrolabe contest by Mickael Lequertier
Here are a few more of Thomas Noyer astrolabe contest in north of France Pics by: Maxime Cassagne
Thomas Noyer astrolabe contest in north of France by Maxime Cassagne 2 Thomas Noyer astrolabe contest in north of France by Maxime Cassagne 3
New_Snapbacks_3  buy now tab
Chad D doing it for McDonalds corporate event trade show while on carpeting and elevated stage making it like riding on mashed potatoes but he still pulled front wheel decade and more with Scott Weaver and Rob Nolli with BMX Trick Stars.
Chad back side yard mcdonalds show Chad Front wheel decade mcdonalds show
Hiroshi keeping it real with the DECADE. Some a good decade and with that crew it looks like a great time.
Hiroshi decade
What’s so good about the Succubus  Lite is what it’s not, heavy.  Highly attractive and willing to suck the flatland right out of you. Don’t refuse it, let it happen, and may all your dreams come true. This frame will draw energy to sustain itself. It may even suck the flatland right out from your dreams. Succumb to the Succubus Lite. Stay light my friend.
photo(1) photo photo(2)
Taylor Bonds with some quick clips at his local spot.
Moment of ZEN Goat Zen www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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