Baco Jellystone Jam, Bridge banners, Tim Knoll, Chad DeGroot, Tsutomu wins, TA in LA

Living in Florida makes it tough to visit my pops back in Green Bay but when I do its so good. This story starts with plans to get back to ride and see people and most importantly see dad. We usually  kick it in the garage and crack a few brews and talk some shit. This time I noticed his shoes, it struck me as odd the side said SOAP on them. Had to do a double take to make sure this was right then I had to burst out into laughter as my dad was very curious of what was going on and wanted to know more. I asked him where he got them, Wal Mart tent sale. He got one hell of a steal on them and said they fit great and his feet like them but most important the right size which he has monster 14 extra wide feet. After I explained what the shoes were made for he really started laughing mostly cause he didn't understand why you would pretend like your skateboarding or something but with no board. So many more questions were asked and I also told him how dorky the sport (if you can call it that) is, kinda like scooters and other dumb shit. He did assure me he wasn't going to grind or slide on anything with those shoes on but will still wear them cause they fit great. Thanks to SOAP shoes for making my dad happy and making me smile. START-Tim Knoll with his perspective. Coplon putting in work and it shows. Tsutomu winning. Baco Jam reminder. Banned and Deco in Sarasota. Musselwhite shows. Taylor tech bonds. Mat Olson bridge ride banners out now. Chad old flat switch today. Olson and crew shredding one hell of a spot. END- Chad D
Tim Knoll at it again but his perspective...the front peg around the world thing is incredible...can I get a hell ya? Matt Coplon put together one hell of an edit here, he had this to say:
It's been 13 years that I've had the honor of being TM for Profile's freestyle team. Over the past four months, between attending weekend events. In between getting behind the lens to shoot pics, to film our riders. In the down time after I've handled the things that make my job incredibly enjoyable, I set up the tri-pod or used my camera bag as prop (for the most part), and captured some jibs. Some while on the road with the crew, others after work or on our coveted sundays of all day sessioning in Tampa. Nothing ground breaking...just having fun pedaling. Enjoy, and thanks for supporting Profile Racing over the years. Subsequent filming by Grant Castelluzzo, Steve Caro, David Gibson, Kent Pearson, Scott Ehlert and Zachery Rogers. Song: "Stepping softly into" by "Universal Order of Armageddon." I actually planned on using this song for a part 13 years ago, thought it appropriate. Finally.
The Switch is Down. Matt Coplon. Profile Racing. from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Tsutomu mid hop, damn he makes riding look good. Tsutomu mid hop Sponsor me email of the week right here: Hi there I'm just starting out bmxing and on a budget and wondered if you would like to sponsor me in any way, any parts for bmx or clothing for a 12 year old boy would be a great help thanks. I will be a famous bmxer one day. You want to get sponsored go to Baco jam and show your shit. agogo Going head hunting has been normal for Matt Coplon lately and he got some coconuts to check off some of his list, here a rail hop, check. Coplon white rail hop head Taylor Bonds has the clips and here ya go, tech and clean, stomping on his cement paradise and making it look good. ?#?decobmx? ?#?taylorknowsdeco? @tbonds69
When contacted to help out with a jam, I had to ask what they were doing, then after finding out that Banned dudes were involved Deco had to help out...enjoy. Sarasota Banned Jam from Banned Vids on Vimeo. Lee doesn't do normal show tricks, he goes for it and this must be a treat to see live. Hometown shows went well and with a huge crowd that makes BMX even better looking. -1 -2 TA night shot doing a decade in LA while there for a month by Jeff the night shots...amazing. TA night shot LA by Jeff Z New 3x2 banner is out now, you can get HERE or if your a shop let me know on your next order so we can get Mat Olson bridge ride up in your shop. Mat Olson bing banner bridgeMat Olson banners
Moment of ZEN Red neck dream catcher www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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