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Not to start like a Debbie downer but this week was nuts with a 2x4 hitting me in the head then a snake bit me and to top it off while riding I looped out and rode it all the way to my elbow. Damn life gets you sometimes and shakes you up. To brighten things up I found Coors the Banquet beer in a handsome aluminum bottle which I'm not sure what this is but its helping me write this crap your about to read. To start you need to fart or try whiplashes with TA. To read is to need to wear a helmet when your doing something real nuts. To ride and to slide like Tom Villarreal how to on rails. Its better to be Stacked than get jacked with the grand opening  in Riverside. Taylor Bonds responds to twitter. Baco church lot is the spot and the jam is going to be ham. Did  you get the reminder for Voodoo jam? New parts will bring on the farts next week. Have a great weekend and stay safe, unless you have a plan. -Chad D
BMX: How-to Whiplash With Terry Adams as seen on Matt sent me this pic early in the week and said he had to throw on a helmet, he doesn't wear one on street so I knew something was up...he had this to say:
I like the federal government.
I like when they build things that we need.
This new highway system? We really didn't need.
It criss-crosses the eastern side of downtown Tampa at treacherous height. At some points, cars are five, six, seven stories above the streets below. And there's never grid lock. Because no one drives it.
This section here in the photos is one of the newest additions. Tucked into a rarely traversed road way, it would be perfect if the run up (or run down) weren't two layers of rocks.
Two weeks ago, when we first stumbled upon it, those said layers were quite loose. Cruising halfway down it, it was hard not to wash out at the end. From there, we concluded that without boards, this was simply a bad idea.
Then came this past Tuesday. We cut through this underpass to head to another spot with no intention of stopping. But on passing, I noticed tire marks on the layers of rocks.
For some reason, some heavy equipment had rolled through and tamped the rocks into a decently solid layer.
It was a small window of good conditions.
I had to give it a go.
Thanks to David Gibson for making me take the leep. Thanks to my helmet for being handy.
Thanks to good times.
Kick out your leg, heave over with your foot, and hold on. -Matt Coplon
Coplon Foot Plant Ybor Screen Shot Very unused, but highly appreciated. Tom Villarreal walks you through how to tire slide down a rail. Basically, we can sum this one up pretty damn easy: commit! Let me say that you better be watching out for our friend Mr. Taylor Bonds. He lays down a few lines for the camera at Northglenn skatepark, while managing to put together some amazing combos together with easy. As I said get used to his name because I feel confident you will be seeing more of with it combos like those in an mere evening or riding. Hope you enjoy it thanks for watching. Music - Mow Tow - LovinU Additional Filming - KenJoe Robinson Weekend warrior splitting it from the board to the garbage can and back @tbrbaldeagle shot today at this dumpster set up we found with Matt Coplon. Coplon Garbage Can Wallride On May 3rd 2014 Larry Alvarado is proud to open the doors of Stacked BMX shop. Located in Riverside California, it is 100% rider owned and operated, it caters to the BMX community. Stop by 7 days a week to get the latest parts, accessories & the best service in town. Check out Matt Closson Team rider for DECO  helping out a ton and getting the roof drop clip at the end. stacked-grand-opening-jam-video-flier Remember old Baco videos filmed in Orlando and the church lot? Well Bob Walters is putting on a jam Memorial Day starting at 10am so see you there and don't forget to invite others and check for more info HERE. 10155984_642710722477065_302883031839279162_n Only a few more reminders, sign up online style, get to don't want to miss it. agogo Baco will be premiering Baco documentary on Friday the night before the Voodoo Jam so you don't want to miss this in New Orleans at 9pm. Now you know. Voodoojam 2014 YES we did it, we got sick of electrical tape for rim strips, not the best stuff but it works for awhile. Deco rim strips are real cheap and good and screw flats in the face. Deco rim strips  bw Deco Deener cockroach stickers are back in stock and included free with all orders. Deco cockroach stickers deener Drop In action park in south Florida is a must ride place with a great staff, they are putting on a jam that you should get involved in. Here is the flyer, coming up real quick. BMX JAM MEMORIAL FLYER FINAL These are the items that will be back in stock or new items arriving in about a week. Sure to go fast so get your orders and prebooks in NOW New colors of the Succubus Lite frame in two size TT. Cheetah FAT seats. Gum grips. 28mm FuForks with or without 990 tabs. PC pedals. 3 color swirl grips. Seatpost clamp. Rim strips. Slick-ISH cables. Mat Olson Bridge banners. buy now tab Succubus Lite frames new colors cheetah style Deco Gum color gripFuForks 14 Deco. PC pedalsdeco logo grips rasta swirllogo-grips-usa-colors-swirl-467x300 seat post clamp Rim strip installedSlick ish cables Mat Olson banners More good news is the Camo snapbacks will be back in stock in a few weeks...get your camo son. Deco-camo-snapback-patch Moment of ZEN McGoo letter in ride www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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