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The summer is never a bummer but the heat is here so its planning time and making all happen without pushing it. This year is looking to be one of the best ever. I guess being excited about Baco Jam after being banned from there and escorted out with a ton of police and told never to return. Then finishing the Baco documentary and premiering it at Voodoo jams 10th year going. To follow more and understand all things BACO CLICK HERE. Deco dropping some new products and more mid summer and even more late summer is enough to get excited about. but it doesn't stop there, the team is killing it, the flow guys are stepping up, and the supporters are showing a ton of love for everything were doing. I'm not in it to win it but more here for the love. With skatepark scraps from Karl absolutely killing it to Coplon clicking tabes to Mat Olson giving away hats, reason enough to stay tuned and get involved with this weeks post. Roof session day trip. Francas is coming up. Cheetah for ya ass. NEW FuBars with lower cross bar. Happy happy Bday to Matt Coplon. Chad D and the sports medicine day with PowerBar. Thomas Noyer getting it in before Fise. Baco front brake trophy for front brake winner with the FuForks. Keep in mind to support your local shop, and if you don't have one we can still get you set up with the good stuff HERE.  Enjoy the rest of the week everyone. -Chad D Karl Poynter with some park leftovers, pretty damn dialed if you ask me. New Voodoo Jam 2014 in its 10th year, this tee featuring Tsutomu Kitayama winner or 2013 and Deco team rider. Check his style here  The official site is up with all info to enter online, hotels, sponsors, and more. 10403560_794564637229103_2068325137775897557_n Chad D on a day trip with the Profile Racing crew, getting up on a roof.
Degroot Roof Nosewhip
New lower crossbar FuBars are on the way. Get excited, these have the strongest design and now more comfortable and roomy. Coming in 8.5" and 9" rise. IMAG1299 Matt Coplon for his 37th bday wanted to ride his bike, while others are in the birthday suit and drunk as all hell, he was doing rail hops (checking it off the list) and oppo tables. Double pegs to table. My favorite is the surf barrel to tabes right near the beach. Coplon tuck over rail bday Coplon rail to table bday Coplon surf to table bday   Baco Jam in Wisconsin at Jellystone campground is going to be nuts, hope you can make it. If not, here is the flyer again to drool at and the front brake prize care of Deco FuForks. Baco a go go final flyer with sponsors Baco jam front brake trophy The Cheetah seat arrived in a real small supply, this bad boy is so soft and clean with superlite foam, hollow chromo shortened post, and kevlar sides and tail to make it the best seat out. GET IT HERE. Deco-Mid-Pivotal-Seat-leopard-FIN-590x491   buy now tab Thomas Noyer got the flyer done for the summer camp that Deco will be helping out with. Check it. BMX summer camp One of the last before going to #fise -Thomas Noyer
Being sponsored has the moments when you really have to step aside and realize what your doing for a company. Today I attended a convention, the Sport Medicine convention in Orlando. Wasn't sure what I was going to do but I knew learning some new products and being hands on was the goal. I threw on a tee and had a crash course then worked for two hours giving out samples of new PowerBar goods to the international crowd with a ton of wild people but everyone left with a  smile, that was something that was to easy. Donate your time, educate yourself and others, and learn about what an athlete needs to keep on top of the game. -Chad D
Chad powerbar education day Chad in motion powerbar education Fracas reminder. 10379769_813072015391490_8174893415418865241_o Terry Adams has a packed schedule for the rest of the year and he wanted to let you know if your around stop by and check him out and keep posted to his Facebook page for everything current.
Upcoming Demo Schedule 
June 2nd- Flagstaff Arizona Hot-wheels Autograph signing
June 4th-5th Fayetteville Arizona  Red Bull demos 
June 14th-15th Salt Lake City, Utah Red Bull demos 
June 17th-22nd Red Bull demos in Monterrey Mexico (Media & demos) 
July 3rd 4th Red Bull demos in Chicago
July 17th-19th Red Bull demos in Oklahoma
Upcoming contest schedule  August 1st-2nd The Voodoo Jam in New Orleans (Organizer and competing)
October 22nd-28th Kobe, Japan Flat Ark contest (Organized by Red Bull athlete in Japan) 
Camo snapback hats back in stock starting early next week, was informed they were not going to do another run but they did so we grabbed a bunch, classic style and of course with the DECO patch.
buy now tab
Moment of ZEN www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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