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Happy Fathers Day to all you fathers out there whether you know your a father or not and specially if your for sure your a father. This weekend is for you. So go out and breed and make more kids so that would mean more celebration and more gifts right? Also start the celebration with Ride BMX 200th issue and we decided to do a half page to support the mag with Mat Olson bridge ride care of Travis Kincaid pic sequence. Lots of new products here and in the works including the best bar ends ever USA materials and made. Tim Knoll is going to blow you away, I had to watch his new edit 10 times to try and figure a few of those moves out. Baco push it to 11 in New Orleans, you still have time to get there. NEW Scott Weaver postcards. Coplon wall and surf. Snapbacks fully in stock with a bunch of colors available. Cheetah seats almost sold out. Few weeks old but Tom V skid to 360 is dope. Our store is open online. And your moment of Zen, screw them e cig birds, go old school and light it up. -Chad D
New ad in @ridebmx RIDE BMX Magazine issue #200 with @matuptobat MAT OLSON bridge ride pic by @crujonesisradd TRAVIS KINCAID and note in this issue the WuPEGS and SnapBack hat #decobmx  www.traviskincaid.com tumblr_n6f0bgf3tW1sh022qo1_500   Mat Olson Bridge ride pic by: Travis Kincaid #traviskincaidphotography and @crujonesisradd http://www.traviskincaid.com RIDE-MAG-200-DECO-AD

Parkour BMX Bike Stunts - Tim Knoll

Another pic of the NEW bar ends coming out soon, notice the clamp style and flush bolt. 1959525_500731656694110_3273322989828521117_n Will be reminding you about Baco documentary premier in New Orleans and give them a kick LIKE here https://www.facebook.com/bacodesigns and to read the Scott O interview on the 10 years of Voodoo Jam CLICK HERE. Baco-premier-at-Voodoo Had to repost this Land Surfing style by Matt Coplon taking advantage of a tourist pose spot with a table off the tip of the board. Pic by: Chad D love this pic, sun flare, sweet table, and everything going on...Also a side wall ride at SPOT. Coplon land surg styleIMG_3242   New postcards featuring Scott Weaver out now. Damn these are so good. Deco-Postcard-#6-side-b-WEADeco-Postcard-#6-side-a-WEA Sold out of the Deco completes but we are going to spice it up and build up a few more real soon. Check out the STORE recently updated and keep in mind the NEW color snapback hats in stock. Deco new color hats The cheetah style FAT seats are in but we didn't plan on the response, only 5 of those bad boys left HERE. This seat is magnificent. Simple, functional, handsome, extremely well made, affordable, and, YES, pivotal. Listen to what your ass is asking. Pick one up and listen to your ass thank  you time and time again. Slap one and GO TEAM… Deco-Mid-Pivotal-Seat-leopard-FIN-590x491   Tom V tire slide to 360 is incredible, check that and the rest of the crew out shredding a cement park. For sure this is a product push but its incredible what into the 5th year with Deco has brought to the table. For all descriptions and details including pricing HIT IT UP HERE SON. Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.44.09 AM Screen Shot 2014-06-13 at 7.44.29 AM Check out a few vids in our line up that are truly amazing: Mat Olson round and round DecoBMX from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Chad DeGroot DecoBMX Big Money from DecoBMX on Vimeo. Moment of ZEN bird smoke www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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