Camo seat, Chads house edit, TA, Lajlar hard whip, Coplon, tie dye

Rough week due to moving the Deco offices and sorting all things out. But next week its back to normal and what a surprise to see the camo seats and tie dye caps along with the new lower cross bar FuBars. Did get a letter from a concerned person about a team rider who is pushing kids around and supporting drugs at skateparks, not sure how to answer back on this one but I am sure after a few hits of acid I will figure it out. Wade Lajlar is a bad ass as you can see from the first clip. TA has been on the move and as you read this he is Mexican. Coplon stepped up his game with a bunch of pics and did you see his instagram vid? Damn clean and that last one is big. TA has a great interview so click and read away. Snapbacks are in 5 colors, what the heck? Chad D house edit, finally. WuPEGs are the shit but out of black, good thing clear ano is still available. Tie dye top caps will be here real soon, these are bad azzzz. Have a good and safe one and stay off them drugs. -Chad D
Wade Lajlar still so pumped on this!!! @profile_racing @decobmx09 @newlineskateparks @ioncamera @ioncameracan #lifesabstractjourney #lifeontheroad #decobmx #icehardwhip #slippedpedalbutilltakeit #bmx
Tell me there is nothing to ride around your house. Chad takes advantage of his sweet set up with jumping off the roof, riding on the roof, fire cracker the tree house stairs, garage flat session, his sons plastic launch ramp, and even inside to show you there are spots even at your crib. With the help of a go pro for the underwater scenes and iphone mostly filmed this House Edit from Chad's house is pretty damn entertaining and including the rope swing.
#locked in! #mc #redbull show Park City Utah #bmx#flatland 
One of the best shows this year! @ridecanyons TERRY ADAMS and SCOTT O. TA on them WuPEGS and signature frame.  10421573_519043994889568_8186223108159441616_n CAMO Fat seats on the way, superlite foam, kevlar nose and tail, shortened hollow chromo bolt...DAMN Camo seat Coplon Davis Island Hop. I'm not going to lie, I almost clipped this rail all three times I hopped it last Sunday.
Coplon Davis Island Rail Hop
Coplon Ghetto Wall. Seek and You will find. Excess cement serves as a perfect bump jump.
 Coplon Ghetto Wallride
Coplon double tire. Its rare that this spot is rideable due to the amount of human turds next to this ledge. Double tire ride after avoiding a shit tire.
Coplon Double Tire Ledge Ride Ybor
Check out this TA interview, click link below and read up. Screen Shot 2014-06-19 at 11.18.15 AM   Hats still available in 5 color styles all snapbacks. Deco new color hats Will keep reminding you till it happens, this is 10 years strong. 10353555_511500418977259_5787299396574965648_n Fracas is coming up to. Here is the updated flyer and info.   Flatland Fracas final flyer Sold out of the Black ano but still Clear ano in stock but going quick. WuPEGS. WuSticker WuPEGS 1.5 clear and black collage 3 Tie Dye fork cap samples just arrived and production is underway, hopefully July they should land, these are pretty damn awesome. Tie Dye fork caps Moment of ZEN aaf7e145e5914a0574cde3ec9ec8fa66 www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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