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Its hard to get into a story or some intro when the main attraction is the new Deco self titled street frame and its paint job, scroll down to see that bad boy and know its a powder coat. Next would be the love we have been getting on our Facebook page with clearing the 10k mark, lots of thanks for the support all across the board. Being in the 5th year were making some moves all over and teaming up with Baco Designs with the Documentary premiers going down all August long, will have the final list so you know where to see it but for now its in New Orleans, Longwood Florida, Austin, Appleton Wisconsin, NYC, and more to come soon. You don't want to miss this viewing but if you do they will be for sale the first week of August. Deco bonus footage, edits, and more all for your collection. Now the team, Coplon starts it off and still hustling and running from the rain with some amazing pics and his ever so nice tables and spots make you  wonder if this cat sleeps. Raskils hits you with Wade Lajlar getting you a free seat just for posting up a superman. BMX Plus and team rider TA's wife rocking the Deco logo tee and tally tees in the new issue. Ham Jam, go get some ham and pork it up at the south Florida jam by Brian Fox. Same day is the premier of Baco Doc at Mr. B's and all day jam. Check out that paint, we offer the new paint on any size and model frame with one month turn around and pre book so hit up chad@decobmx.com for more info and know the new order of Camo seats will be here in a month, tie dye fork caps, camo pedals, and more good good stuff including red white and blue patch snapback hats. How is that for a Boom chicly BOOM BOOM? Have a great weekend and stay dry unless you want to be wet. -Chad D
Never one to let down, mr consistent Mr Coplon with a table step down in Ybor and  Fruit Stand Wall Hillsborough. Finding spots and getting quick sessions in between the cats and dogs falling from the sky. The table off the wall is so high and proper. Coplon Tabe Step Down Ybor Coplon Fruit Stand Wall Hillsborough Coplon Wall to Tabe Richmond Super man challenge picked by Wade Lajlar with @raskils_app @wlajlar so throw them feet off let let it fly. Picking the winner soon. #decobmx and follow WADE cause he's a bad ass Canadian #wadeknowsdeco #superwhat  Wade Lajlar superman challenge Congrats to Mike Gray for the cover of BMX Plus and check out the t-shirt buyers guide with the Deco demo logo tee and 5 year tally tee both available HERE. Plus t shirt guide Brian Fox is doing the HAM JAM on August 9th in south Florida, check it out if your in the area, amazing park and Deco sponsored so you know its great. Ham Jam This is it, premier in New Orleans the weekend before but at the Deco headquarters and MR. B's in Longwood, Florida on August 9th with a jam out front and rumors of dirt jumps? Baco doc premier and Mr grand reopening party flyer Here are the pics of the new self titled custom powder coated frame. DAMN is all I have to say, this and 3-4 other color styles will be available with pre book and more info coming soon...for now drool cause this is cool. IMG_9591  IMG_7149 IMG_2497IMG_5116 Baco Documentary and Bluray full DETAILS HERE. photo 1   Fracas is only one week away...get at them on Facebook  Here www.facebook.com/events/257788884388045 Fracas full-size   Moment of ZEN Screen shot 2014-07-11 at 6.36.07 PM www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-WuSticker

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