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Is it weird to say I am giddy for some special events coming up real soon starting off with Voodoo Jam in NOLA where I married my lovely HOT ASS wife in Jackson Square and the Premier of the Baco Documentary to kick off Friday? To help it out the kids will be with us to enjoy the food, wild life in the french quarter, and thanks to Gma we will have the nights to let loose and stay out cause no one tells you to go home since there is no bar time. So many people are coming to enjoy everything planned and that is exciting, flyers way down on this post if you haven't seen them already and take note Voodoo sells out tics and Baco doc is a limited act now. Thinking about the new Madera edit with TV, Josh and crew kill it in a fun and original way so watch it 100 times. TBR has teamed up with FLBMX to make a huge effort to show what is going on in Florida. Mr Jones hit us with some photoshop of Mat Olson doing what he does best clicking everything and this time with a mountain view. Matt Closson has been crushing on 20's for the BLNTD trailer and video. Pusher does it right in the mountains, thanks to Mark Rainha for the pics and good vibes. Girls of Japan, Tsutomu and Hiroshi doing some wild music festival and the ladies and star wars heads love it. Get so excited get giddy get it and get with much fun is coming up so stay tuned and make an effort to be a part. -END Chad DeGroot



TBR - Instruments, Selection One


Matt Coplon sent over this write up from his week at Woodward:

For the third summer in a row, I've had the opportunity to head to Woodward for a week with the Profile crew. Despite an odd week of shifting weather, we made the best of times indoor and out (As you might be able to tell from the tooth photo; impending storms lurked for the first 72 hours).

Here's a collection of pics, one from each day taken by either Mark Mulville or Dillon Leeper.
Its a balancing act on trips, always: filming, shooting, hanging with all the campers. Thanks to the two of them for grabbing the lens when I was able to cruise.
The Cage has never been bright on my radar. This year for some reason, I really dug cruising these big ass ramps laid down on brutal asphalt.
Coplon Quarter Carve Woodward
From noon to 2pm, Bmx is allowed to ride the Target Plaza. If only every town could have a cement park this dialed.
Coplon Tire Slide Target Plaza
Dillon Leeper and I trained this rail. 5 minutes before we shot this, Dillon busted open his elbow and had to get stitches. Thanks for the session Dil.
Coplon Woodward Tooth
Another one from the Target Plaza at high noon. Suicide up the step up care of Mulville.
Coplon Suicide Target Plaza
On the second to last day of the trip, I shot some clips of Ricky Moseley on mini mega. In between, I realized my hat was set up for a perfect portrait. Deco Shoka?
Deco Hat Portrait
Mat Olson by Cody Jones @jones_bmx instagram
Mat Olson by Jones_bmx
Check out Matt Closson and crew in this new trailer for BLNTD.

We have been working on our first full length DVD "Forever Rolling" for quite sometime now, Here is the the first trailer we are dropping in the mean time of filming. Full sections from Tammy Mccarley,Matty Nothnagle,Clay Johnson,Robbie Owen, Matt Closson,Aaron Maxwell and Lahsaan Kobza. Also featuring friend's section and crash section expect to see this full length DVD this spring.

video credit - Tammy Mccarley, Lahsaan Kobza

BLNTD ATHLTCS - Forever Rolling - Trailer 1 from Blunted Athletics on Vimeo.

Here is the Pusher Mountain trip by Mark Rainha CLICK HERE for all the pics and more write up. WAY more pics once you click the tab.

WelcomeColorado Frisco-ClayX1 Dillon-LeadvilleBikeDust1 Mountains-Independence1 Group-LeadvilleCamp2 Group-LeadvillePortrait1


I never got the full story only pics of a bmx event at some music festival then back stage Tsutomu with a star wars head while riding flat and some lovely ladies watching on.

Tsutomu ladies Tsutomu star wars


Last chance to make it happen, voodoo jam 10th year, that means its been going on since 2004.

Voodoojam 2014 Voodoo Promo 2014


Baco Documentary premier starts in NOLA then all around the world, check here for dates, times, and locations to see this video 28 years in the making.

bacon-bra-012 Baco 1-10 Baco premier at Voodoo Bits of Baco push it to 11 Baco doc premier and Mr grand reopening party flyer

Moments of ZEN


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