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Its hard to work when I am typing this 20 floors up in the Big Easy, but a man has to do what I have to do. Today is the day, world premier day of the Baco Documentary in NOLA. Saturday will be the 10 year Voodoo Jam, so its a packed weekend for BMX which is only good for BMX. My son and me went out to check out the Santos trails and with a ton of changes from Ray and crew from Rays mountain bike park its amazing and a need to go to place in Ocala Florida. Also I felt the need to share a rope a roni ride out as posted on Facebook. TA has the whip to whip to the pedals both times as filmed by Aaron Ross recent visit. Madera has been killing it with Josh Eilken roof ad, check out his new paint job to. Mat Olson is back and into a funky town split edit. Tsutomu in the Shonan open in Japan pics care of ESPN and Aaron Nardi. Coplon says he has a bum shoulder but that didn't stop him from this downside foot plant in the SPOT bowl. Scott Weaver and myself at the Best Of Orlando Weekly party. Bangers and Mash Stephen Murray Jam in cali. END. Have a great weekend everyone, its going to be a big one. -Chad D
Here is a quick video and pics Cooper helped film today at Santos in Ocala Florida, place is incredible with all work done by volunteer. With Florida being wet in the summer it was a bit bumpy but winters its as smooth as it gets and with more and more people helping this place is becoming once of the best spots for everything dirt. -Chad D Cooper n Chad Santos crew shot Chad nose fakie by Cooper at Santos Chad nose dirt santos by Cooper  
Tsutomu and Voodoo jam TA multi face voodoo jam
Bits of Baco push it to 11
Check out this Josh Eilken Madera ad on the roof and his whip custom painted. His team page is heeeawww
Josh Eilken whip Josh Eilken Madera ad roof
Mat Olson funky town split edit, some good looking spots dawgs.
Shonan open in Japan
Coplon fastplant at the SPOT bowl.
Coplon Fast Plant SPoT #2
Matt Closson sessioning the Bangers and Mash Jam at Stephen Murray. Pics by Johnny Filth Mr. Filth.
matt closson 3 by Mr. Filth matt closson whip by Mr. Filth matt closson 3 table by Mr. Filth
Moment of ZEN horsy www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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