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Baco month of premiers, NOLA was nuts, Longwood Mr. B's was nuts, so many  more coming all month long so check the dates and make it out or hit up the site to see how to get the box set and make your life complete. Best of Orlando invited us to ride on their stage, we did, we rode and drank and they let us sponsor it. Tsutomu in Saint Petersburg. Coplon on the wall again. Facebook vids galore this week. Lee Musselwhite and the Mantis. Short and sweet, got to get to the comedy club bub. -Chad D

What’s not to say about the legend of Baco. Ground breaking riding by groundbreaking riders within absolute zero affinity for being serious. This documentary epitomizes the essence of our bmx subculture. And that’s about it. Get the box set and experience the progression of an important part of our bmx history (25 years in the making). All done with a giant laugh.

Thanks to Chad Degroot for hosting the kick ass (pre) event at Mr. Bike and Board which included a  make shift dirt jump, long jump of death, grind ledges and rails galore, and some weird looking wooden truck that I wish more people rode.

This made me proud of bmx in general, and our scene in particular. Enjoy some pics I grabbed over the course of the last hour.

-Matt Coplon

Baco-Premier   Tsutomu Kitayama(Baco) Check out Scott Weaver and Chad DeGroot riding on stage for the Best of Orlando party. Chad no hand stick b by Kip orlando weekly Chad n Scott dubs by Kip orlando weekly
Tsutomu  decided to visit and take a tour of Profile Racing then off to the beach. When we arrived at the beach pier thing it was under water. Tsutomu did not give 2 shits about this as he just started riding like it was dry. Few pics later here is what I got. -Chad D
Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 3 Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 4 Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 1 Tsutomu St Pete beach by Chad D 2 Try and figure this pic out of Coplon, looks like he is going to land on top of this stair set in a table... Coplon Bump Tabe Tampa   Mantis? Lee Musselwhite doing a one handed no footed coast on the bars...damn original mantis  
If your in the midwest namely Wisconsin Be sure to make it out to the Appleton Wisconsin premier of the Baco Documentarty push it to 11.
Appleton Premiere
Saturday, August 23rd
Division BMX shows – 6pm, movie 9pm
Tanners Bar & Grill
730 South Railroad Street
Kimberly, WI 54136
(920) 788-7275
Moment of ZEN fubarii-01181 www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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