I don't usually post on youtube because of music clearance but then we ran into Prime8 slamming down some original beats, Chris Rye cuts, and Tsutomu flatland slaying. Check his edit a few times on our youtube channel. Baco doing it again this time in Appleton for the premier in the midwest on Freimuth home turf and the city where most of the Baco and Props went down. Peg tricks care of Raskils_app. Still a great week, be original, you can go your own way. Thanks for the support.... -Chad D


After filming for the video in Japan Tsutomu Kitayama won the 2013 Voodoo Jam and 2014 Voodoo Jam best trick but that did not hold him back with an offer to film for a new Baco Designs video. Since the documentary took over a year to make the footage was never used for the Baco video so with Tsutomu being a team rider for DecoBMX we decided, with Chan G, Hiroshi, and Chris Rye to make this 2014 edit with the fastest switches and smoothest flow from Japans premier flatland rider TSUTOMU KITAYAMA. Enjoy.


Prime8 Pimpin & AF THE NAYSAYER


Eda “Chan G” Kazuyuki


Chris Rye


430 • G-Shock • Profile Racing • DECOBMX

Baco Documentary pool party info: Appleton Pool Party Premiere!
Saturday, August 23rd
Division BMX shows – 6 & 8pm, movie 9:30pm or dark
Tanners Bar & Grill
730 South Railroad Street
Kimberly, WI 54136
(920) 788-7275

Bits of Baco push it to 11  

Coplon riding over some faces at SPOT with the help of a kicker. Coplon Wallride SPoT

Raskils_app winner Cory Schneider pegs challenge wins Deco Action Bars pegs...congrats. coryschneider24 winner of pegs

Deche FAT seats in Cheetah style back in stock. Tie Dye top fork caps which fit 80% of bmx forks in stock and looking good. Rasta and USA colors grips and Gum color (the best if you have wet hands) in stock. Get at finer BMX shops or SHOP HERE. cheetah styleDeco Gum color gripTie Dye fork capslogo-grips-usa-colors-swirl-467x300deco-logo-grips-rasta-swirl-413x300

Moment of ZEN



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