TA new colors, Thomas Noyer Battle in the Rockies, Mat Olson open loop, Chad D ESPN, Nora Cup, Baco push it to 11

New shipment of TA frames in new sizes, few changes, but the real colors are Cockatoo, matte white, camo, wood grain, and gloss black. Self Titled street frames with grind plates, top gusset, 75 head tube, and raw clear, clear purple, matte white, and glossy yellow colors. Red PC pedals. Sweet lug nuts. Camo seats. Just a few things that will be here on November 1st. Congrats to TA for getting the cover of Bike Magazin. Also congrats to Thomas Noyer winning a trip to Battle in the Rockies, check his one minute video below to see why he is invited. Mat Olson is back doing shows on the open loop, the pic of him and Morgan Wade toothless doing dubs on it. Chad D behind the scenes part 2 and 3 on ESPN. Money Clip Mondays with Matt Closson video. Ride Mag doing Nora cup, you know who to vote for and don't forget to give Baco 11 a push. Instagram vids of this week are up. Stay on our Facebook and instagram for the good updates. Where Brooklyn at? Have a good one bubs...-Chad D
  Congrats to TA for the cover of Bike Magazin Europe TA cover Bike Magazin Europe   MAT OLSON back at it again doing shows with the open loop ramp, last year @matuptobat and @texasmwade doing dubs on this. Got to see this in person #decobmx Mat Olson open loop flip with Morgan Chad D getting a page and giving out some love for those doing their thing...pick up the new BMX Plus to check it out. Chad D in the new BMX Plus signature tricks Candyland jam starts at the Deco headquarters in longwood Florida then later that night the HOLY FIT video.   Candyland Jam Oct 4th flyerHoly-fit-premier Juke Jam   Take a look at Thomas Noyer invited video made it in and he wins a spot and a ticket to the Battle in the Rockies...congrats Check out Money Clip Mondays with Matt Closson. For this episode we present you with a treat from hot n’ dry Las Vegas, Nevada. Our good homie Keaton Harris cruises around Vegas with Team rider Matt Closson and hit up a ton of gems in the desert. The heat can’t stop these dudes from stackin’. From loading docks, banks, rails, ditches, and roofs, Keaton and Matt conquer all with a classic balance of Keaton’s freecoaster and tech style with Matt’s big and fast style. You know when you put those two together you’re in for a treat. Push that play button to see all the amazing spots Vegas has to offer. "Stay stackin' my friends" Check out the new issue of Ride BMX #203 to see the product review of the Self Titled Street frame, check the 3 color swirl of the logo grips, and the Baco Doc still available and box set. Check out more details on the frame HERE and more on the Baco Box set HERE. To order hit it HEEEEAW.  To see all the reviews and what people are saying about this DOCUMENTARY from the industry holla HERE. Deco square pop paint on self titled frame full side Ride mag bacobox_3d2-400x366   Baco:Deco ad Ride #202   Mat Olson doing a custom paint job on his sample Self Titled Street frame that should be shipping by November 1st. 10703726_938791512806358_7935206953780811553_n   Moment of ZEN

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