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If your not looking like your having a good time with what your doing your not having a good time. How can you not smile by seeing Matt Closson with a wild dirt whip. Coplon can write one hell of a story but it all comes natural with this new photo that has so much going on. Closson will be at Texas Toast blasting and doing tables like he knows how. Don't fake excited as you can see from Taylor Bonds, I would do the same bike toss if I pulled the arm slide to bars. Musselwhite and the downside. That's just the start, videos and more pics so scroll down and see what this week was like #decobmx . Lastly hit up chad@decobmx.com with your favorite Deco related pic or video. We will post it up. NEED YOUR HELP here, we want to post up your BEST Deco related pic, tattoo, spray paint, bike part, tee, scar, trick...anything but it has to be the best. We will feature it but you have to send it to chad@decobmx.com with a caption. You can even turn in a friend, passed out, sleeping, or other...GAME ON. -Chad D
Wild whip from MATT CLOSSON @mattclosson on the dirt ramps Photo: @blackkendal #decobmx Matt Closson wild dirt whip  
There's plenty of interesting stories behind this photo:
1. This is an old school house from the early 20th century. Above the porch roof sits the original school bell.
2. There is absolutely no run up to this fence hop. It took me 20 minutes to get the courage to run at it, starting by wedging my tire against the last column and giving it two cranks.
3. This is in Ybor City which is a historic landmark. Everything in it, including the wild animals, are protected. We were surrounded by both chickens and peacocks...two hens happened to run down the road as @travis_fish_boners snapped the shutter for me.  -Matt Coplon
Coplon Ybor School Fence Hop #1
Reminder for the Candyland Jam that starts at Deco headquarters on Oct 4th at 2pm
Candyland Jam Oct 4th flyer
MATT CLOSSON blasting the cement waves Photo: @kylecarlson #decobmx @mattclosson Matt Closson b+w table by kyle carson Holy Fit showing at Deco headquarters inside Mr. B's in Longwood Florida after the Candyland Jam...if your in the area stop by and check it out... Holy-fit-premier   Taylor Bonds getting pretty excited about this crank arm grind to bars, he even did the chromoly toss #decobmx @tbonds69 Here is the new Camo color TA frame coming next month. Baco:Deco ad Ride #202   Lee Musselwhite and the downside decade style...making it look good. dwn side 2   TA new whip looks rad in all black and DecoBMX and Profile Racing parts. TA new whip all black    
Moment of ZEN www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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