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BMX has a lot of history since being around from the early 70's and things come and go as well as come back around. What I am getting at is the DVD is making a come back which it should and individuals are putting more time into projects like books. Matt Coplon just dropped his book which just makes sense as he went to school and has written tons since college. Check out the HOLY FIT 200 page book and dvd which is around $20, can't understand how they can get it out so cheap but its a part of history releasing this and the Baco documentary including a 20 page book. Pretty sure these new kids don't want to read so they don't have to but I always will and will appreciate the content and extras companies and people are putting out. Let get started with the Game of Bike with Matt Closson, can't wait for the video to come out as the pics are amazing. Matt Coplon put a twist on his book release with an edit that is bad ass and the 180 onto the roof and down I saw in person and it was scary as hell. Mat Olson is doing shows and working the open loop in Texas. Tim Knoll can grind his cross bar in Milwaukee. TA, Taylor, and Poynter hit you on insta vids below 15 secs each packing em tight. New order will  be here by the 1st of Nov and featured is the camo seat with all the specs. Pac Ends are on the way to USA style bar ends.  Have a golden one everyone...holla. -Chad D
Nose wheelie to can can MATT CLOSSON @mattclosson while at Vitalbmx game of bike 1620686_864343963584503_4571694419119401780_n

Collapsing into the Whatever started out as a pipe dream. A blog post. That turned into two. That soon tripled. 16 months later, I had compiled almost 45 short non-fiction vignettes: of false possession, electricity poaching, of run-ins with satanists, urban myth, of travels through Europe within the 90's punk scene, stories of the incredibly mundane, stories of absolute absurdity, of life and death in Tampa.

Today, almost three years down the creative road, the blog morphed from the digital ether into a 206 page, physical, printed book. One that, I'm happy to say, is available as of today. Why this Bmx edit? Within the writing process, riding, for me, was a core component. In order to brainstorm, in order to write, and finally, in order to edit, the almost daily sessions through Tampa, combined with a very fortunate travel schedule through Profile, worked as the impetus for continuing the arduous process. Beyond that, like the 40 personal tales in CITW, each of these clips contains its own story. From a basic aluminum rail, off limits for forever until the city's morgue closed and moved locations. To a handful of spots on both the east and west coast I had always, for years, anticipated riding (thankfully I got to them this summer). To the last clip: A rail hop in my neighborhood that I'd passed for over a decade. After having nightmares about giving it a go, I finally did so, making myself run at it on my 37th birthday. Enjoy..... If you're interested, Collapsing into the Whatever is now available. If you'd like a copy, please contact me at Thanks for reading. Thanks for watching. And thanks to these people/companies for years of support: Profile Racing, Deco Bmx, Adi Gilbert and Folklore brand, and to all my friends who are always down for a good session. Besides the several tripod shots, thanks to these folks for additional filming (I always hate to ask): David Gibson, Matt Arnold, Steve Caro, Zach Rogers, Dillon Leeper, Mark Mulville, and Jared Eberwein. ***The song I chose for this edit, Combat Wounded Veteran's "And now that I'm cornered by Vermin," has an integrated story: The drummer, J.H., was the catalyst for CITW on a visit to his house back in 2011. A great story teller, I'm indebted to his knowledge and whit. A more detailed story is included in the introduction to the book. Thank You. -Matt Coplon
Collapsing Into The Whatever: Matt Coplon from TBR BMX on Vimeo. Nothing done perfect from MAT OLSON @matuptobat#decobmx doing show duty and doing it well 1959537_865865650099001_6296100472226691914_n  

Milwaukee Estabrook BMX Jam - Tim Knoll, Grant Castelluzzo, Glenn Salyers, August Z and more

Matt Closson doing a lil promo for his Stacked Flossin sprocket out now pic by @galacticseabass Matt Closson flossin sprocket promo uprail tire ride @galacticseabass  

Check out @terryadamsbmx lil studio shoot that looks awesome with all white background pulling some hard links #decobmx

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Huge bag of tricks from TAYLOR BONDS at a cement park in Coloradeco #DecoBMX @tbonds69 @pusherbmx View on Instagram

Couple full pipes in the street make for a couple lines forward and as always backwards KARL POYNTER @karlqpoynter not sure how he did it backwards so smooth #decobmx

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Seats will be here in a few weeks, get excited. Deco. Logo Embossed Deche series Seats This seat is magnificent. Simple, functional, handsome, extremely well made, affordable, and, YES, pivotal. Listen to what your ass is asking. Pick one up and listen to your ass thank  you time and time again. Slap one and GO TEAM…Two styles: Deche SLIM embossed all over Weight: 8.9 oz. Colors: Black, Silver Deche FAT embossed all over with kevlar sides and tail Weight: 10.8 oz. Superlite foam and hollow pivotal bolt keep the strength without the weight Colors: Black,  Silver top, Cheetah, Black Denim, Black Denim red stitch and limited REAL LEATHER MSRP $29.99 Camo-seat1-300x300   Here is another pic of Matt Closson at the Game of Bike on,45790/Matt-Closson,127702/kylecarlson,363 and check out all the pics and short video on their site now. s780_VITALGAMEOFBIKE_2014_STREET_29   PAC ENDS BAR ENDS 100% USA materials and 7075 USA Materials machined at Profile Racing in Saint Petersburg, Florida. 7075 bar ends  USA style with the flush bolt design to clamp, not stab the bars,  in polished look. Pac Man clamp is the way it should be to hold tight, thick to make the transition to grips smooth, and strong as all hell. MSRP $19.99 pair USA-MADE-statesProfile_NonComStack_300x300   Deco-bar-end-final-300x300 Moment of ZEN www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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