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Being halfway across the world in the best place ever Hawaii and in Kona on the Big Island is truly amazing but to dumb it down due to a hurricane coming our way. Not sure what to think but were here to do a show and with a surprise guest of Sir Elton John this should be rad bringing BMX to yet another side of society in a great and entertaining way. This is all happening while I really should be at Texas Toast accepting award for best video but I am sure HOLY FIT or Markit will take it. Got to make moves and take it as it comes my way and Hawaii is not a problem saying YES to. With this said Flatark is next week and if you know the globe after this hurricane hits Hawaii and I get out, not sure when, then it will be going towards Japan which I will be at for a week right near this time to. Wish I had a crystal ball to tell me the future but were riding it out and running it like nothing is going to happen like we should. Check out my pics below and next week once I get them all up. But for now hit up the first video of TA and wife Vanessa's butt. Gotta love Mat Olson and his drive doing Texas State Fair shows and putting a lot of extra effort with help of photographer @jp_bikes getting these rad as all hell pics over to us. Check out our Hawaii pics so far with Scott Weaver, Rob Nolli, Kirk Baily, and myself.  Since Texas Toast is going on you know next weeks post is going to be absolutely amazing with Tom Villarreal and Matt Closson holding it down for Deco. Keep you updated on my situation so follow me on Facebook and all over as I will know more tomorrow if were under 30 foot waves or just drinking fireball and laughing or both. Take care everyone...  -Chad D
  Terry Adams  and his wife were in Cali for awhile and with Mavro decided to film some flat with some Vanessa butt in there in this stylie, fun, and flashy quickie #decobmx and keep in mind his new signature TA frames will be here November 1st The Adams Visit Venice from David Mavro on Vimeo. Mat Olson has been kicking some ass at the Texas state fair as you can see by these @jp_bikes photos. Also scroll down to see the video footage below. FlipTurndown by jp_bikes Mat Olson FlipWhip by jp_bikes Mat Olson TurndownTransfer by jp_bikes Mat Olson FlipTransfer by jp_bikes   Scott, Rob, Kirk, and Chad in Hawaii for some shows but living it up. More to come next week. IMG_6403 IMG_6429 IMG_6414 IMG_6340 IMG_6423 IMG_6393 IMG_6302 IMG_6324 IMG_6378   Texas Toast with Tom Villarreal as seen on DigBMX instagram Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 9.14.07 PM   TERRY ADAMS @terryadamsbmx doing it for Torque riding one of his favorite spots. Keep in mind his new frame colors will be here next week and shipping starts November 1st IMG_6434   Get excited about this series in Florida. Last few years have been awesome and this year with new locations will be even better. IMG_6435   You have to watch the video to really understand how TSUTOMU @tsutomukitayama does this trick but reality is even then it's still tough to comprehend how it's done.  IMG_6437   Profile Stock Mini Wheels Now Available!
Profile Teamed up with Sun Rims and Deco to offer these new stock wheels built here in our Machine Shop.
Available Now!
Here are the specs:
The Profile Stock Mini Front Wheel is hand built here in the Profile factory.
With your choice of hub color, the Mini Front Wheel comes stock with:
-Deco 14 gauge steel spokes in black
-Deco Aluminum Nipples in black
-Deco Rim strip
-Sun Envy rim in black
Weight of complete wheel: 859g/29.9oz/1.86lbs
(Front Wheel)
The Profile Stock Mini Cassette Rear Wheel is hand built here in the Profile factory.
With your choice of hub color, the Mini Rear Wheel comes stock with:
-Deco 14 gauge steel spokes in black
-Deco Aluminum Nipples in black
-Deco Rim strip
-Sun Big Baller rim in black
-14mm GDH Hollow Chromo Axle
-9t chromo driver
Weight of complete wheel: 1210g/41.65oz/2.6lbs
Profile Stock Front Wheel Profile Stock Rear One
Moment of ZEN 734470_355688167876966_1430665940_n www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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