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This week in review and a ton more just below.  So much going on and going down from Texass Toast on The Hundreds and team riders Tom Villarreal and Matt Closson holding it down. FL BMX series is posted so get out and get some cause there are plenty of stops and you know Florideco is great in the winter. Tsutomu getting it down, check the video. Coplon in Providence with some great words. TA, Tom, Olson doing it for the instagram vids. Voodoo throwback with Kitayama, Chad D peg decade. Mat Olson is done with shows...check the pics of the spine flip turndown. Next week is a big one with Flatark and Japan plus a ton more around the world. And next month is the Battle in the Rockies. Send in your Deco related pics and I will try and get them up...thanks. -Chad D
Texass Toast crew with Matt Closson and Tom Villarreal living it up always with a smile. Closson crazy whip style and the Tbog off the top which in practice almost claimed him with a collision. Pics by: Aaron Nardi Also check out the spread on Texas Toast with a featured Matt Closson pic all from Aaron Nardi http://thehundreds.com/texas-toast-2014/ P1120021 P1110994 P1120014   FL-BMX is at it again and the line up of parks is incredible, couldn't get better. FL BMX 2015   Tsutomu getting it done...check it out. Found this fence hop awhile ago but had to wait for the apartment landscapers to clean up the foliage so I could get through it. Thread the needle between a fence and cabbage palm. -Matt Coplon Coplon Fence Palm Hop  
Growing up, somehow I got hooked into a single author in a genre of Literature that I really found no interest in: Horror.
HP Lovecraft was that author. And after submersing myself into his pretty large catalogue of writings, I realized that his influence spread well into the punk, metal, and gaming scenes (to name a very few of those sub-cultures effected). The connection here (as I was heavy into punk and metal), made me even more fascinated as to why so many people found interest in his literary mythos. Dark, elaborate, and the first of its kind in American writing, Lovecrafian lit can easily haunt you.
On our recent trip to Providence, I set out on a self guided walking tour (which I hadn't done in about 4 years), but this time with Chad Degroot in hopes to take some scenic riding shots incorporating Lovecraft's stomping grounds.
Here's a little history to go along with the pics. Pick up a copy of some Lovecraft stories (preferably anything connected to his Chthulu mythos): You won't be let down.
-Matt Coplon
Lovecraft Church Lovecraft House #1
Degroot Lovecraft House #2
Here is one of his signature tricks you will be seeing at Flatark in Japan this weekend. Tsutomu Kitayama giving you the shocka with the fireball style. #decobmx pic by Leo Furmansky at Voodoo Jam 2014 where he won best trick. Tsutomu Voodoo 2014 by leo furmansky   Mat Olson can do one hell of a Tdown over a spine and he said its the best feeling, also a silhouette lawn mower, and a classic tuck no hander. Pics by @healthyandbikes Mat is on the NEW Self Titled Street frame which is out November 1st in Raw Clear, Clear Purple, Great Gatsby Yellow, and Matte White 20", 20.5", and 21" TT Mat Olson tuck no hander  by @healthyandbikes Mat Olson lawn mower siloutte  by @healthyandbikes Mat Olson tdown flip spine  by @healthyandbikes Moment of ZEN Chemtrails Prov. www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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