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As I sit here with the travel times messing with me, only people up are my cats. They love it that I am up super early and wanting to play. But I would rather be sleeping and catching up on some Z's but that isn't happening. So for this week I'm am just giving you a sample of the Flatark in Japan because there is a ton more coming soon with pics and videos. Little more on the Hawaii trip as seen on Profile racing.  Tim Knoll on Jay Leno winning the bike limbo. ITs cold out so get a new beanie and keep the sun out with the visor version. America's got talent with Scott Weaver, more to come with the 3 stage this weekend of tryouts. Chad D does what no man has done with a hip thrust Kendama. The LIST in Milwaukee is going down soon. Voodoo Jam recap from Mickey_G. And lastly the new order will be here next week so the camo seats, red pedals, TA new color signature frames, and the long awaited Self Titled Street frame will be ready to ship. HOLLA. -Chad D
Flatark in Kobe Japan, best location, best riding, best styles. And keep in mind that next year 2015 50k to the winner and a breakdown as well, $50,000.00 you read that right. BMX flatland is making moves so stay tuned. Full story coming soon. Flat ark overview Pics by Aaron Nardi cept the one of him doing a one handed one footed thing on flat.  That pic is  by Chad D Boat style at the final night party, damn it got loose. P1160302 This is the flatland that Aaron Nardi has, the bunny hop one foot one hand style while in Japan Flatark. P1140158 TA and Chad D talking about some wild shit right here, on the main stage. terry-flatark-prct-57 TA mid jump Katrina style, check out how high he is on this jump, so good. terry-flatarc-18 Tsutomu in the middle of a super fast link and switch. P1160046 Deco beanies with logo patch just arrived in Black or Charcoal and visor style in Black http://decobmx.bigcartel.com/product/soft-goods Deco beanies 2014 Tim Knoll on JAY LENO show winning the bike limbo contest...this is awesome. Tim Knoll appears on Jay Leno from Tim Knoll on Vimeo. HERE is a recap of Chad D in Hawaii as seen on the Profile Racing site.
Being halfway across the world in the best place ever Hawaii and in Kona on the Big Island is truly amazing but to dumb it down due to a hurricane coming our way. Not sure what to think but were here to do a show and with a surprise guest of Sir Elton John this should be rad bringing BMX to yet another side of society in a great and entertaining way. This is all happening while I really should be at Texas Toast accepting award for best video but I am sure HOLY FIT or Markit will take it. Got to make moves and take it as it comes my way and Hawaii is not a problem saying YES to. With this said Flatark is next week and if you know the globe after this hurricane hits Hawaii and I get out, not sure when, then it will be going towards Japan which I will be at for a week right near this time to. Wish I had a crystal ball to tell me the future. But after all the hype it just brushed us as Hurricane Ana as a category 1 and we were lucky enough that it passed and we flew out. But now is it going to hit Japan as I am off to there next almost like a storm chaser. Well lets get into the paradise on bikes in Hawaii. We had a crew of 16 total with break dancers and more to do this show for Oracle executives. We packed into a 15 passenger van with 4 bikes, do the math, but it didn’t matter cause were on the Big Island. With over 30 hours of planning and rehearsals to ride for just a few minutes it was refreshing to be done. In the end Elton John played on the beach the night before the scheduled appearance so we never met him in person but did listen to 17 songs on the beach. They wanted the concert to go on before the hurricane hit so plans got changed. -Chad D
Just sent up some fine DECO BMX goods for this at Four Seasons park in Milwaukee in December. The List jam at 4 seasons Here is a recap of VooDoo Jam 2014 from: Mickey Gaidos featuring Deco team riders Terry Adams and Tsutomu Kitayama and crew Music The Glitch Mob - “Can’t Kill Us" VoodooJam 2014 - Highlights from Mickey Gaidos on Vimeo. Moment of ZEN images bae8a37aeff283c885f0c7b3a4d83678 EyeBrowBaby www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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