Fall Sessions, Insta Vids, Kendama, requests with Coplon, TA and torque, Self Titled Street Frame

Fall is upon us and the holidays are approaching quickly so were going to start with Karl Poynter skidding up leaves and keeping his smooth style in his FALL SESSIONS edit online. With how much Matt Colpon rides he is bound to run into some characters, check out what he did with this request. Terry Adams has a sweet interview on Red Bull site so find out what he is up to and his new Torque edit. Taylor Bonds is loving his new Self Titled Street Frame and it shows with him blasting a chill one hander at his winter indoor spot in Denver. Kendamas are in stock and all the online shop is up to date. Insta vids this week by Terry Adams, Thomas Noyer, Chad DeGroot, Mat Olson, Tom Villarreal, Karl Poynter, and ? Everyone have a great weekend and don't let your week end to quickly. Holla and fart. -Chad D


Karl Poynter Fall sessions I just hung out with this dude for 20 minutes. His name is Dave. He likes gold, writing hip hop, and "doing crazy shit." He wanted me to wallride over him. -matt Coplon @matt_coplon Matt Coplon wallride hip hop Terry Adams just had a new interview and it talks about Japan Flatark and his new edit for Torque. Get excited HERE.  TAYLOR BONDS chill one hand table at a new park in Denver @pusher_bmx territory pic by Mat Cordova @tbonds69 Taylor Bonds one hand table by Mat CordovaSELF-TITLED-STREET-FRAME-2015-RAW-600x168 NEW in stock Japanese Kendamas ORDER HERE along with other online store items offered from DecoBMX. Sweets KendamasDeco online store

Coming soon. #DECOBMX @karlqpoynter

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