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Couple things I would like to tell you and explain. First off this weeks post is packed for a lot of reasons but mainly that this team and supporters are so amazing and are getting it done. Second part is how you  pronounce Deco, its not Deeeeeeco but more better explained like saying this DECK-O. So the meaning will lock in the name. My last name is DeGroot so I used the "DE" from the last name and Company shortened to "CO" so you put it together and its DeGroot Company or shortened DECO and add BMX to really be in the know. Now you know Deco. DECO DecoBMX DECOBMX ColoraDECO FloriDECO and so on...START this post NOW-I have to skip ahead to a moment in this post that should take a mention and that is the TA new trick he pulled brakeless, he goes from a hitch hiker and jumps to the back pegs while his bars are spinning and stalls long enough to concentrate on a whip to the pedals. Check it. Japan flat ark is done but my story is not, thought this might get picked up by a magazine since we had some great pics as well care of Aaron Nardi but NO was the answer so here you go. Coplon can go high on walls, and stay in the know with the SPOT roast coming early next month. Free Florida Skateparks and knock down the fences, click like and check this out to support what we all know should happen. Check out the Action bars pegs. Winter is here so beanies are readily available. Throwback with TA whip to whip at Voodoo Jam and winner Tsutomu. AND the instavids this week are nuts, let them load and enjoy...END. -Chad D
Flatland had its ups and downs over this 40 year history. The good. The bad. The money. The recession. Companies here today. Gone tomorrow. Flatland was pushed away years ago but not forgotten. You can see by the love and drive of key companies and riders doing it for the hunger for more. The effort to keep flatland alive is getting to a great stage with the announcement of 2015 Kobe Flatland World Finals with a 1st place purse of $50,000.00 US dollars. Creating these contests are more than just pushing forward, its showing that with support and following we can all rise up with the youth, which in Japan are called Super Kids, to the experts who really want to move up but also ride on the main stage, to the open class which can bring out the new talent at the highest level, all the way up to the legends who can’t help but have the love and feeling in them for what BMX has given them.   This is a family vibe which all feeds off each other. The tears, the joy, the passion is so unmistakable. Like when the Super Kids were riding, all cameras and phones were on them not only in disbelief of what we were all seeing but to capture the next generation and show proof we are all a family working together to enhance our skills at riding bikes but showing the world we can and are making moves so others need to feel our connection and not feel left out.   Its not only about a huge 1st place pay day (pretty good though) but getting good people and good companies who support flatland to focus on the youth and the next generation.   Kobe city is the home of Ucchie and what better place to take home top honors and be the spokesman for this 2014 finals and let the world know this movement of flatland. This city has the stunning backdrop with the Flatark flag waving high on the tower and mountains always looking at you, the gigantic ferris wheel showing “Welcome to Flatark” in bright lights, and top it off unveiling the first ever Red Bull vending machine featuring Ucchie with close location to the best flatland spots in the world near the water front.   I was honored and proud to be invited to judge the final contest of this series in the finest location and also be featured in the legends demo. Which was one of the highest forms of entertainment to this date.  The support, confidence, and positive respect from everyone make me smile and be happy to be part of this history making event. Thanks to all who made this event happen, there are a ton of names behind the scenes and not even on location who all helped promote, support, and even stream it live around the world. The love and respect I received on this trip was amazing to say the least and to experience it with my wife to show her there are true characters in BMX and also the best riders, best times, best smiles, best food, best support for the coming years is incomparable. Memories. Memories… Being in such a beautiful city and seeing the culture was incredible. From the cable car ride up the mountain to see the breathtaking views to the dinner party on the boat. Every detail was taken care of and even explained. Like why you slurp 3 times when you eat hot Udon, it cools it down and no need for a napkin since your sucking the juice and cooling at the same time. Genius. We went to many temples and bowed and learned about history and traditions. Even learned about Japanese technology. Much technology. One thing I do know is Japanese love to use a lot of dishes when they eat. Make memories.   Thanks to Ucchie, Red Bull, Kobe city, Japanese riders, legends, Tenga, Profile Racing, PowerBar, Baco, Deco BMX, Super Kids, Hiroshi/430/Decade, Space Ark, and everyone who made Flatark happen. -Chad DeGroot
Pics by: Aaron Nardi, Hiroshi, Eve DeGroot, Chad D, Terry Adams Chad-D-switch-japan-pano-300x300 Flat-ark-overview-405x300 IMG_6592 IMG_6601 IMG_6613 IMG_6615 IMG_6628 IMG_6645 IMG_6691 IMG_6696 IMG_6700 IMG_6747 IMG_6750 IMG_6794 IMG_6843 IMG_6847 IMG_6851 P1160046-449x300 P1160302-449x300 Terry-Adams-decade-japan-pano-300x300 terry-flatark-prct-57-449x300 Tsutomu-mid-switch-japan-pano-300x300 chad-hiroshi-drk-49 chad-statues-476   Matt Coplon sent over this pic and I had to stare at it for a bit and wonder how he got so high up on that wall...he had this to say "SPoT just built three new courses: The Pro, Outdoor cement, and this, the new kiddie course. Looking forward to SPoT Roast January 10th...Hope to see you there." - Matt Coplon Coplon Mini Wall SPoT Please take a second and go here and LIKE this page: Free Florida Skateparks https://www.facebook.com/freefloridaskateparks?ref=br_tf ALSO if you could sign this to make Florida skateparks free and pass on the good word: Change Org – Free your skateparks http://www.change.org/p/the-state-of-florida-we-want-to-make-all-skateparks-free-and-take-down-the-fences AND THIS: Central Florida Skatepark Alliance https://www.facebook.com/pages/Central-Florida-Skatepark-Alliance/131989556971648 Karl Poynter's Winter Jam is coming up so check https://www.facebook.com/events/352027804968501/  3 best trick sessions on 3 obstacles in the park and then a bunny-hop comp and foot-down games. winterjamInsta_Gucci   The List jam at 4 seasons FL BMX 2015 You don’t want to piss off the man, specially when his bike has no ACTION BARS. Good thing Deco has stepped it up and added a PC sleeve over an alloy peg. Grind everything likes its covered with wax or grease. Keep it greasy and don’t stress when they wear down, replaceable sleeves put you back in the ACTION. -6061 Alloy 4? body 2.3 oz. Diameter 30mm outside -PC plastic 4? sleeve 1.5 oz. Diameter 38mm outside -Total weight of both 3.8 oz. -14mm hole with 10mm-14mm adaptor included -17mm or 19mm socket compatible Peg combo sold individually or as singles. Sleeves sold as singles for replacement also. MSRP $16.99 Replacement PC sleeve $4.99 BUY HERE Deco-pc-pegs-on-table-321x300   In the olden days, people were hired to hold a cover over ones head. These days, hats are all hands free. Still a great idea having a partner managing what falls on your head, but a little silly don’t you think? Whether your balding, graying, or haven’t decided what hair style fits you. These hats will let you think of more important things, like enhancing your mustache. USA PRINTED HATS  MSRP $17.99 BEANIES and $19.99 SNAPBACKS with patch buy now tab   DECO-BEANIES-2015-450x300 With the NEW best trick at Voodoo Jam 2014 this year Tsutomu Kitayama took the win but Terry Adams BMX Fan Page gave him a run with this peg wheelie whip to roll back to whip both to the pedals proper style. The place went absolutely nuts and TA was one vote away from the win...congrats to both Deco Team riders. #decobmx Fat Tony pic with no meat. voodoo-jam-2014-terry-adams   @mivangza just posted up this pic of TSUTOMU KITAYAMA @tsutomukitayama and it's incredible #decobmx FullSizeRender
Moment of ZEN 10846991_10152394181400989_1914602295_n www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-  

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