Tom Villarrel bike check, new DECO tees, Vegas Closson, backwards Chad D, Coplon close to cuba, Oviedo

New tees and why not for the holidays. Hutch design will never go camo and digi camo you can't loose. So to get into the real shit like Tom Villarreal shit with his bike check. Tim Knoll fails. Coplon in the southest Florida town doing fakies on poles. Matt Closson rides a new Las Vegas park and kills it. Chad D going backwards. Jam bro jams. Oviedo first stop on Fl bmx series video. Dadsfart69 who is this? And your insta vids for this week...holla son. -Chad D
Here are the new tees in true Hutch style, long sleeve or short available HERE HERE HERE Camo, digital camo, black, navy... DECO HUTCH TEE 2  DECO HUTCH TEE 3 DECO HUTCH TEE 4DECO HUTCH TEE 1 TOM VILLARREAL bike check right heeeaw with his new Madera Galaxy parts and all Deco'd out in an array of purple...looking clean. Follow Tom @tomvillarreal and thanks to Jeremy Pavia for the pics @jeremypavia TOM_V-1@jeremypavia TOM_V-2@jeremypavia TOM_V-3@jeremypavia TOM_V-4@jeremypavia TOM_V-5@jeremypavia TOM_V-6@jeremypavia TOM_V-7@jeremypavia TOM_V-8@jeremypavia Some Tim Knoll fails...this is really good. Pedaling around Key West, I've discovered it to be a jib paradise. Pole Fakie with a Kapok tree in the back ground. Got the cat woman to shoot her first bmx photo. Not bad for her first shutter snap. @matt_coplon #decobmx #profileracing #keywest #islandlife #paradise Coplon Pole Fakie Key West

Matt Closson Rides the new Las Vegas Skate Plaza

2014_FLBMX_FlyerV2-624x624Insta_Gucci   CHAD DEGROOT doing a watered down version of @lee_musselwhite minesweeper one of Lees signature tricks. He said this position is incredible and much respect to Lee. @chaddegroot #decobmx@profile_racing #pbte #tryitcauseitsfun Chad D back seat mannie LEE style  

Florida BMX 2015 Skatepark Series Stop 1: Oviedo Skatepark, Presented by Subrosa

@dadsfart69 took Bobby sick ass table over Chad D...thanks. Bobby and dadsfart69  
Moment of ZEN dog bang www.decobmx.comDeco-tally-counting-5-year-

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