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Should I talk about the weather? or politics? or what? hell no lets start with the SPOT Roast which started out by having a sweet jam and serving you lunch. So most of the sponsors were food. We all gots ta eat right? Well this one is going down right now and YES there is sponsored food still. Expect more than a few edits and tons of pics flooding the inter web on this son.  Chad D doing a promo for the Self Titled Street frame edit. Coplon has spots, from bricks to fences to everything in his way he makes it his way. Check out what Tim Knoll is up to this time. Hiroshi is a good friend, so it was easy to introduce another good friend Aaron Nardi to him and they hit it off for this new The Hundreds with the life of Hiroshi...hard to sum it up in words and pics but Aaron does one hell of a job of this and big ups to Hirioshi for being a straight up G. More Coplon spots, now your feeling huh? feeling his spots since your in snow and shit, Matt will make you jealous and this one ditch is so good, check it out. TA and Scott O go spot hunting, not for the new tricks but for the memories and spots of Katrina...what is left. The grocery store, read up about my adventure. AND your insta vids of the week are not weak...enjoy everything you do or don't do it anymore... -Chad D


Hit the preregistration link here and make it out to the SPOT Roast



Chad DeGroot DecoBMX 2015 Self Titled Street Frame promo

CHAD DEGROOT gets the worm from the bird, or the early worm gets a bird...damn I am not good at this. Anyways, check out his Candyland skatepark teaser to follow up the Self Titled Street frame promo he did. As you can see he went with Great Gatsby Yellow or Old Sport Yellow for the frame. Luc-e looking and as always looking good. Full video will be up on Vimeo and Facebook so keep your eyes peeled and those county mounties on the hunt. More info on @chaddegroot and and a big thanks to @profileracing @chaddegroot #decobmx

MATT COPLON found some bricks on New Years day and made a bump jump. First and second blight of eating shit in 2015. Third go was a charm. Pic by @scgsteve #decobmx

Coplon brick tuck

Make sure and get out to Goodyear Arizona for the March 21st benefit with a flatland jam all day and Buddah show team demo on their ramps. This is for anyone on or off a bike. Its to stress getting active and helping others and by getting on a bike. Terry Adams, Matt Coplon, and Chad DeGroot will be out there supporting and riding. Here is the flyer for more info.

AMERICAN RIDE EVENT red white blue Great American Ride Fest

Tim Knoll
I'm privileged to be featured on this prime example of syndicated television programming. - Tim Knoll

Check out Hiroshi Uehara featured on THE HUNDREDS Click that link to see and read it all, so good.
The day I met Hiroshi Uehara was easily one of the wildest times I had in a long time. It was my first day in Tokyo and I met up with Hiroshi at his bmx-inspired streetwear shop Decade in Harajuku. Because I was instantly impressed by the style and product in the shop, he then began to show me Fourthirty, his clothing brand. After commenting on how rad some of the pieces are and discussing our similar perspectives on design aesthetics, attention to detail, and style, Hiroshi decided he was going to give me whatever I wanted.
 MATT COPLON finding a wild curved rock to roast and a can can ice just before the storm, get outside and get it done. Pics care of @markmulville
Sunday Cruise. #decobmx
Coplon can can ice Coplon curver rock roast
Scott OBrien and Terry Adams headed out on a film project to show the places you can bring Flatland BMX. A unique location in an abandoned auditorium at a pre Katrina high school  in New Orleans. This is the only standing structure left to this once thriving high school.Teamed up with Cavu Media to bring a unique view of Flatland with Graffiti Art together in the great city of New Orleans still showing that the affects of Hurricane Katrina are still all over the city.
IMG_7494 IMG_7493 IMG_7495
Just went to the grocery story for my sick Eve. What I came home with was a story, some information regarding food, more knowledge about coupons, and huge variety of Organic or Natural soups with very few ingredients. Let me start with waiting in line for 5 minutes while the lady in front of me sifted through her coupon folder. Her total was $67 and after coupons she ended up paying $17. The cashier joked that she was only missing that $5 coupon that is around...few chuckles and they parted ways. My bill was $54. The cashier noticed I was waiting patiently and said that there are not coupons for good quality food in a nice way and we talked for a bit about coupons. So if your complaining about grocery prices you have an option, couponing. You pretty much don't pay for anything but your limited to crap food which is cheap and will probably make you...I decided to not get into all of my opinions on this. Sorry. I don't want to open a can of worms but in the end I am happy I did experience this. And I assume you have some comments and questions by now. So let me start with why I bought $54 in soup. Well when you eat like we eat and when my wife is sick, its real easy to put a smile on her face when I came home with like 20 cans and containers of soup. All vegan and so many varieties that look so tasty. I guess I went a little nuts but were gonna eat them all. Smile Eve Martin DeGroot were gonna eat soup for the next week or so. -Chad D


Mat Olson recently fixed up his '66 VW squareback with the help of his pops. So what better way to work in the new ride and engine with a trip. He isn't really in the same spot for to long and Texas was calling. So why not get on the road? He had this to say: "After driving 966 miles I stopped in the city of Vernon Texas at the #gashouse. Since the weather was absolutely freezing, the next morning we drove down to Wichita Falls, Tx to the #playhouse. After firing up a few logs and starting a fire we got things burning with a session. The locals are diehard and down as hell for a session. It's been around for like 10 years. Bo owns a BMX shop and a track near that spot but does it cause he is a rider and pretty much wants to keep Wichita Falls going. So he built Ramps and the trails. Thanks. -Mat Olson" @matuptobat Video by @Quincy_Roger #decobmx @profile_racing A video posted by @decobmx on

Moment of ZEN


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