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Start with a thank you to all the nominees, supporters, and riders all over the world who voted for DecoBMX BRAND OF THE YEAR 2014. Check out everything were helping out with or riding in, check the flyers below. Scott Weaver is killing the show circuit with BMX Trick Stars. CAMO logo grips, camo fork caps which fit 80% of bmx forks, and tie dye seat post clamps almost done for the new new. Matt Closson is really good at gap to mannie rails. Alejandro new edit. Robert Routley Muncie edit. Instagram instavids from Terry Adams, Tom Villarreal, Karl Poynter, Chad DeGroot, Matt Coplon, Taylor Bonds, and Mat Olson. Have a great weekend bubs. -Chad D
2014 BRAND OF THE YEAR goes to DecoBMX HUGE THANK YOU to and Effraim for doing these 2014 awards and the support and love that goes into flatland. To see all the winners in each category go to and congrats to all the nominees and the winners, some heavy hitters making moves and standing out. The sport is developing and people are joining together worldwide to make this a bad- ass time, all the time. Never dull moments. The tricks are getting ridiculous and events are top notch. The personalities and characters make this motivating. Level of riding is at an all time high. Spirits are high. Brands are booming. FLATLAND is the original form of BMX. Back to how it all started. This could not have been done without the support of local shops, online stores, mail order, and supporters around the world. Special thanks to the team riders Tsutomu Kitayama, Terry Adams, Hiroshi Uehara, Thomas Noyer, Kerry Gatt, Tang Meng, Scott Weaver, Lee Musselwhite , Chad DeGroot...everyone who has a Deco part or carries DECO BMX goods is a part of the crew. This is our 6th year in the game. There are a lot of events we will be helping out with sponsoring and attending. Keep posted to the WEEKLY DOSE posted up on Fridays on hashtag the shit out of #DECOBMX and follow us on instagram @decobmx LIKE us on Facebook Subscribe to our Youtube channel and feel free to take a look around the site and see what we have to offer. Decobmx We are doing the best shit ever and want you to be a part of what we do and where we are going in 2015 BUBS. -Chad D DECObrandofyear2014   To see all the winners in each category goto and congrats to all the runner ups and the winners, some heavy hitters making moves and standing out. SCOTT WEAVER and ROB NOLLI @bmxtrickstars #westpalm #shows #decobmx#masterblasterplanet #theshadowconspiracy #florida#style Show life Scott Weaver shows   Upgrade your FuForks with a CAMO fork cap plus these fit H25: (25 x 1.5mm thread) Fits: Amity RD, Bone Deth Bottom Feeder, BSD, Colony, Deco, Demolition Elite/Maiden, Division, Eastern, FBM CB4ks, Federal, Fiend Embryo, Fly Bikes, Haro Lineage, Hoffman, Kink, Mission, Mutiny Wand V3, Nitrous Afterburner, Premium, Rant, Shadow Conspiracy, Sputnic, Stolen, Subrosa, Verde, and Volume Forks #decobmx Deco camo fork caps COMING SOON the camo logo grip and tie dye seatpost clamps. More news next month. Deco tie dye seat clamps Deco camo grip deco-exclusive-bmx- We have been posting so many videos lately that its refreshing getting back the picture which says a thousand words. MATT CLOSSON picture perfect gap to round rail mannie in ABQ. PIC by: Wes Mcgrath @WesMcgrath #decobmx Matt Closson gap to mannie by @wesMcgrath Check out Tim Knoll and the Deco crew on the 17th. One-Love- FLYER copy   Terry Adams and Chad DeGroot will be around all day to ride and raise awareness. Great American Ride Fest   FrostBike in Minneapolis stop by and see Matt Coplon and Chad DeGroot on March 20-22nd. images

BACE / Alejandro Marques (EscenaBIEMEX)

The Muncie Skatepark with Robert Routley 

The series at Skate Park of Tampa or SPoT just went down with over 160 entries and around 500 people throughout the day. This is so big for the series and with warm weather Florida its so inviting. Don't feel like you missed out even though two stops down and 3 to go. Check the site for more info and dates. This stop was Profile Racing? sponsored and with help from Matt Coplon and crew this might be the biggest. Matt placed well in 30 and up but before that he captured Chad DeGroot in practice with a few clips including a 180 to slider to peg wheelie to bars, and an up ledge to 180 backwards nose wheelie which looks crazy. #decobmx #florideco @mattcoplon @chaddegroot @profileracing Check out Chad's Frame promo here Great Gatsby Yellow

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Moment of ZEN meat head www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014

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