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Each week I think the post for the week is going to slack, but it never does and this week it is so packed  full of good stuff I am happy as hell. Get at this first edit with THE DUKE and DeGroot at a free cement park killing it. TA and Scott O breaking and entering to ride that unique spot. Tie dye game on with posts and clamps. Japanese fashion magazine doing a spread with Tsutomu. Hutch sticker sheets are here and in Gold and Silver ready to ship. Jumelin on a Camo seat. Mat Olson trails life. Matt Coplon full day. Closson in front of Wes McGrath with a hop whip. Flat Jam. FL-BMX jam. Jam Jam. Jimmy Jam. Blood n Guts jam. And your instagram vids of the week are the best yet...damn. Stay warm or go where its warm...I did. -Chad D

Port Orange with Devlin and DeGroot

Here is an edit with The Shadow Conspiracy's Johnny Devlin and DecoBMX's Chad DeGroot doing it for Mr. Bikes n Boards in Longwood, Florida. Port Orange is a fast flowing redone park that is best ridden early mornings. Due to the flow all going into two areas its better with less people. Johnny Devlin and Chad DeGroot made it out early and filmed a few clips in the chilly 50 degree weather while the rest of the country is under snow. Mr B's represent...enjoy. @decobmx @shadowconspiracy @profileracing www.mrbikesnboards.com

Terry & Scott seek and ride... New Orleans, LA

Here is a new quality edit that was filmed in New Orleans, Louisiana. Scott Obrien and I wanted to show the aspect of BMX that represented going out and finding new and unique locations to ride at. BMX is about freedom. Freedom to not only ride your bike the way you want but the freedom to find crazy locations and bring BMX to light in those areas. In this edit we session an abandon building that was being used for absolutely nothing. We went in and used the location as our canvas to show that flatland can be done anywhere. Anywhere you can find a flat piece of concrete, Is stomping grounds for a great session!

Terry Adams and Scott O'Brien head out for a flatland BMX session in the "Big Easy", New Orleans to find a forgotten building with some smooth concrete and dope street art. A full day of ridding and filming follows the two trick after trick in their own little private riding sanctuary.

Production: CAVU Media Group Director: Ace Cox Camera: Ian Cotita / Will Wheeler / Ace Cox Editor: Ian Cotita / Ace Cox Production Assistant: Margo Clark Athletes: Terry Adams / instagram.com/terryadamsbmx Scott O'Brien / instagram.com/scottobmx Audio: Quick Mart (Featuring Fly Boi Keno) - "Popcorn" soundcloud.com/quickiemart cavumediagroup.com Terry & Scott seek and ride... New Orleans, LA from Ace Cox on Vimeo. Deco Pivotal seatposts in Tie Dye style coming soon. Get trippy man. Hell ya. Totally rad. #decobmx Deco pivotal seatposts tie dye Deco tie dye seat clamps   Tsutomu or "STORM" hit us with these two pics that are appearing in Japanese street fashion magazine. Great spot, great pics, rider on the STORM. Tsutomu hip pack roof Tsutomu plastic man roof Tsutomu hip pack roof Tsutomu plastic man roof   THROWBACK HUTCH STYLE STICKER SHEETS IN GOLD AND SILVER. 18 DIE CUT STICKERS PER SHEET IN A COLLAGE OF SIZES AND STYLE TO FILL UP YOUR BIKE OR TO COLLECT. SOLD SEPERATELY. EITHER GOLD OR SILVER. Both are pictured. More info and to buy contact your local Authorized #DECOBMX dealer or go here http://decobmx.bigcartel.com/product/stickers  Deco Hutch sticker sheets final gold silver Check out Alex Jumlin rocking the CAMO Deco FAT pivotal seat. Said he is loving it...look at that gentle hand holding it softly.  Pic by @Matthiasdandois Available at finer dealers or get it HERE http://decobmx.bigcartel.com Alex Jumelin camo seatDECO-CAMO-SEAT-SIDE-SHOT-450x300 MAT OLSON used voice text "I have some sweet titties ass clips that I got from today at the trails there so good fuck me shit balls I love jumping big jumps" at Scotty Tremble or SIXO compound and video by @johnnyblaze73 #decobmx @matuptobat Mat Olson and the trails life   MATT COPLON sent over this: Each one of these pics represents a part of Sunday: Morning, Lunch, and late afternoon.
Morning. 9am. We're out the door and although its in the 40's, there's still dew on the ground and my pads are soaking wet after an attempt to dry them on my front porch. Spot number two: brick bank in the cut. Never usually ride this uncomfortably steep section until I figured out it was perfect for tire slides. Pic by @scgsteve #decobmx #profileracing #choosetampa
Coplon Tire Slide Hillsborough
Lunch. Noon. This is the most treacherous bank spot in Tampa. Uphill with a blind spot into traffic. You have to pick your deployment ETA so as to not get shellacked by oncoming traffic. Never thought to hit it in this pain in the ass direction until Sunday. It made an ancient spot new again.
Pic by @scgsteve #decobmx #profileracing #choosetampa
Coplon One Footed Tabe Bird Street Hip
Dusk. I must have passed this curved wall 100 times over the past 15 years. It finally registered about 8 months ago in my peripheral vision, but on first communion, I was put off by the almost razor sharp stucco splattered on the wall. Fast forward 8 months, when traffic was least dense: I held my breath, hauled ass and held on.
Pic by @scgsteve #decobmx #profileracing #choosetampa
Coplon Curved Wall Sligh
MATT CLOSSON Hop whip shot by @wesmcgrath @mattclosson #decobmx check out Matt's @tomvillarreal LIFTED frame and more http://decobmx.com/2009/06/lifted-tom-villarreal-signature-frame/
Matt Closson hop whip by wes
This is in Orlando...make it out or post it up to support...great crew coming out... https://www.facebook.com/events/1507144376212801/?ref_dashboard_filter=upcoming 10830726_762540213827448_5354774642272067309_o   MATT CLOSSON quick bar into the bank then a drop off the corner for the @bluntedathletics video coming out this summer @mattclosson #decobmx Matt Closson blunted trip bar to drop 10168193_10152975512785049_643009098743202149_n   Check out the PUSHER BMX Blood & Guts competition MARCH 8TH at @evolvesp in Denver more info at @pusher_bmx #decobmx Pusher BMX blood n guts flyer2014_FLBMX_FlyerV2-624x624   deco-exclusive-bmx-  
CHAD DEGROOT This morning was a little to cold to get my usual session in so I waited for a few hours for it to warm up. This change put me into a different mindset. So I decided to ride in some new shoes…in which I never do. My feet are so crooked from being trashed on and broken a few times. So shoes take a long time before they are ready to ride in. But today I gave it a go before they were ready and my bike just wanted to spin. Front wheel, back wheel, just spinning. AND my feet felt fine. So maybe this is all in my head but regardless it was a great session and my piggies were not squealing at all. Here is a quick spin made easy with both feet on the pegs one handed so my other hand can pump it. Pump it real good. My feet feel fine. -Chad D @chaddegroot #decobmx @profileracing #pbte A video posted by @decobmx on
Moment of ZEN LArge wine www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2  

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