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This week I am going to let you scroll down and see what happened this week on every avenue DECO related. DECOrations, FloriDECO, ColoraDECO, and so on and on...have a great weekenDECO. I crack myself up. SupporeteDECO. -Chad D
With the scene in Orlando being huge specially for Flatland, Bob Walters organized a Ground Hoggers flatland jam with kids invited also. Huge turn out from the locals and all over. Real easy to have a good time when the surface is top notch, weather is prime, and being outside this time of year is always great. My son Cooper has been on his bike since he was three, not really wanting to learn any tricks till today. So it started with me helping him on his first combo with him pedaling fast and me pulling up into a peg wheelie. Smiles for miles. Great crew, fun day, Florida winters are the best. -Chad D First pic by Kip Williamson Group shot pic by remote pressed by Cooper DeGroot Cooper and Chad ground hoggers Ground hoggers Bob and Chad ground hoggers  
Mat Olson doing it for Deco Bmx. We filmed this over the past few months in the Denton/ Ft Worth area. Mat got injured on the last clip. He ended up having to have surgery done on his hand, and was out for a few months. It's always a good time riding and hanging with this dude.
Film and edited by- Alex Hammett Music- Elder- Gemini Mat Olson for Deco Bmx from alex hammett on Vimeo. Mat Olson headed out for a night session to meet up with a couple of his good friends Alex Hammet and Cameron Muilenberg. With some showers coming through periodically their session looked to be cut short. They caught a break from the drizzle and got to fire a few things out. Over tooth shot by @cameronasa Mat Olson over tooth by @cameronasa  
Matt Coplon and Little House on the prairie in Tampa? Kind of. Head scrubber footplant at high noon on Sunday. Pic by @scgsteve #choosetampa #decobmx #profileracing #flbmx #tbrbmx @flbmx
 Coplon FootPlant House #1
@matt_coplon Toothing one of the abandoned skate spots in Tampa on Sunday.
Pic by @travis_fish_boners #choosetampa #decobmx #profileracing #flbmx #tbrbmx @flbmx
Coplon Tooth Jersey Barrier
Terry Adams getting some street cred or at least cred at the park with a mannie to whip. Scroll down to see the video of TA.
TA park mannie to whip
 Chad D landing a new Profile Racing ad at one of his favorite spots the Maitland Trannies doing a classic nose pick. This appears in BMX Plus and don't forget to check out his two page column each issue all year long.
Tom Villarreal Signature bars the LIFTED Bars
“LIFTED bars are another form of the lifted life. You and your buddies grab a case of beer and go hit the beach for the day kick back relax and slam a brew on the lifted bar treating yourself to the finer things in life!” -Tom Villarreal
1up and 11 back Rise: 8.5? and 9? 28? wide Full Chromoly Post Weld Full Heat Treated Colors: Black Laser Etched Deco. Logo on Cross Bar MSRP $66.99 buy now tab DECO_LIFTED_DECALS_Handleba-124x300 TOM-VILLARREAL-LIFTED-BARS-BLACK
2014_FLBMX_FlyerV2-624x624Pusher BMX blood n guts flyer Great American Ride Fest   deco-exclusive-bmx- My other home town Appleton Wisconsin (home base is Green Bay) has a finished new park at my old stomping grounds of Telulah Park with a sweet set up I can't wait to session. Grand opening is in June but its all finished now but the weather is crap. More info and flyer coming for the grand opening Demo care of Active Fitness and Mark Fluette's shop in the heart of Appleton. This is awesome...get at your city, go to meetings, get it done, take a stand, use your voice, do it cause it needs to happen... Appleton skatepark   Get some of the new sticker sheets hot off the press in Silver and Gold foil HERE. Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 11.16.27 PM

TOM VILLARREAL and crew having a great session on this tree #decobmx

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Riding in a public parking lot has its hazards like moving cars. Most drivers will look ahead and see you there but there are a ton who don’t care or are on the phone. I have had only a few close calls until today…was my closest yet. Always knowing what is going on around you and keeping my eyes peeled is normal. While in this trick I wanted to jump out of the rope-a-roni to the front pegs. Even without a full commitment I still landed on my front peg but take a close look at the front wheel. Skidded going backwards and a handful of my front brakes and shifting my weight and momentum was going to avoid getting clipped. I swear if I just kept rolling out of this my back wheel, or worse, would been taco’d. Guess that is the reason for my facial emotions after the car passed. #decobmx @chaddegroot @profileracing #pbte –Chad DeGroot A video posted by @decobmx on
Moment of ZEN IMG_7750 www.decobmx.comDECObrandofyear2014 decobridge-2

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